Tuesday, June 30, 2015


This post begins the 100 days~100 paintings for 2015
Hard to believe this will be the 7th year doing 100 pieces in 100 days to get ready for fall shows. I have already been accepted into the National Shrimp Festival in October. This year at my request, I am in the Arts & Crafts area. Hopefully on the Street with friends George Kearney and  JuJu Bee's. I have also applied for several shows I regularly appear in on the coast. We also have one new show in Florida for which I am awaiting the jury process. This show will be in late October. 

This year promises to be a real adventure, with lots on my plate even now. Teaching for the Eastern Shore Art Center, Daphne Art Center, Mobile Museum of Art, and a week at Celebration Church. God has indeed been kind to me, filling my calendar with classes for lots of little ones, as well as adult classes in the fall already lining up! Whew!

On to this, the first of the 100 Days~100 paintings for 2015. 
"Breakaway" has been a while in the making, as the background for this piece was leftover paint I was not able to just throw away. It has called the studio home for over a year now, being moved from spot to spot while I ruminated about what to paint on it. The painting presented itself while I was going through photos on my computer and saw this little boy. The afternoon sun was setting and his mother decided to take him to the beach for a walk. He decided otherwise, opting for a run to the waters edge to play. His mother gently pulled him back, telling him he was not dressed for the water and it was too cool to get wet. He walked by his mom for a bit, then the breakaway! In typical toddler fashion, he giggled and starting kicking water everywhere. His mom did not want to get wet, and he took advantage of her hesitancy in catching him. He started running as fast as his little legs could carry him, splashing and laughter filling the air. Finally his mother gave up and started taking photos of his fun instead of "Takeaway" the experience of "Breakaway"

This painting is headed for "The Art of  Making Miracles-To Romania with Love", a fundraiser for Romanian children in September at the Venue in Fairhope, Alabama. This is an Artist Invitation only event for artists to showcase their works. I am honored to be asked to participate.  I can set a reserve price, and if it does not sell, I can take it home that evening. The advantage of this show is that I get to take home 50% of the selling price. This is a Win/Win benefit show and I am looking forward to participating!

"Breakaway" Day number 1 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings for 2015
Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 40.