Friday, July 31, 2020

Mighty Marlin

I really enjoy painting these big game fish.
Several years ago, I was commissioned to paint Miss Dulari's big catch.
It was to honor a member of the Mobile Big Game Fishing club that had passed away.
It was the cover of their book for that year.
The guy in charge bought the original and got a half sized Giclee' 
for the family of the man that had passed away.
It was one of the best commissions I had gotten at the time.
Today I don't know if I'd let it out of my studio!
I've grown so much as an artist as well.

Soon this pandemic will be over and we will all start 
back into the headlong rush of the world and large.
At least some of us may do that, I for one have enjoyed the slow down and reflection time this disease has afforded us.
Although I do miss shopping for the pure enjoyment of shopping, 
and movies in the theater, I really miss seeing movies in the theater.

Mighty Marlin, Acrylic on hardibord, 10 x 10 inches
Day 33 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Octopus all around

This day..........
I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband that supports and loves me so much!
He said lets go!
When I expressed a desire for drawing and watercolor papers.
So, off we went!

Like the octopus, my mind is everywhere seemingly at once.
I am praying for several people now, some who have requested prayer and others that have not.
I pray for healing for some, basic human needs for others (food and shelter), and now for an aging and elderly couple with a special needs adult that is about to be released from a group home 
into a world she does not and cannot understand.
Praying for them to find a solution to their real world problems.
I pray for my children, their spouses, and our grandchildren.
I pray for brothers, and sisters in Christ that they can continue on their journey to Sanctification.
I pray for our government, our police and fire fighters, nurses, doctors, and anyone else responsible for others
 care. I miss helping at Shepherds place, giving Senior adults an opportunity to create something they are proud of to take home. I miss teaching and I pray for teachers and bus drivers about to start a very uncertain school year. I pray for students and children, that they are comfortable in our world as it stands today.
I pray for foreign governments and their finances that their countries don't collapse under the strain of the pandemic. I pray for local government as well, that people can make sound decisions about voting this year and not vote a popularity contest.
I pray for other artists, that they can find and keep their talent and income intact in this uncertain time.
I also pray for our planet, that we leave something worthwhile for our next generation.
I pray for our church leaders, our church "family", and for people that still watching online because of health concerns.
These are things I pray about.
These are things I am grateful for as well.
I am grateful I live in a country that allows us to pray for and with others, both online and in person.
I will fall asleep in prayer tonight and every night.

Octopus all around, Acrylic on hardibord, 10 x 10
Day 32 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Heron hunter

Herons are peculiar birds.
They're gawky, ungainly, and yet possess a grace when stalking something that is second to none.
Silently, quietly, walking with their big feet carefully landing each step.
Their expression is frozen and they will stop when they think their prey has spotted them.
Then the ever so slight turn of the head, keeping their prey in focus.
Then comes the snap, and the prey is plucked from the water.
Watch them, they are fascinating!

Heron hunter, acrylic on hardi bord, 11x14
Day 31 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Three Amigos

Three Amigos is a trio of our brown pelicans.
We have a plentiful amount of pelicans now, the numbers are very different from when I
 first arrived back home in 1976.
Back then, the pelicans were few and far between.
The reason? DDT
The pesticide being used made their eggs so fragile that they could not even 
sit on them to hatch them without breaking.
It broke my heart to know these gawky, raptor looking birds that are a symbol of the waters of the deep south might die out because of man.
Man in our ever present quest to grow bigger, better, crops.
Fortunately, DDT was banned, the pelicans have now recovered to the 
point of almost becoming a pest.
At least if you have a dock they have decided to roost upon.
I find them to be magnificent birds, seemingly unable to fly, yet graceful in the air.
I watched them today as we rode the dogs at the park, acrobatic performers in the skies.
Dipping, diving, splashing, then popping back up to do it all over again.
We have seen them repeatedly dive when there is a school of fish they have found.
Diving until they cannot leave the water again because they are so full of fish.
They bob a while on the water, then they pop up and gracefully fly away.

We made a trip to Stewart Heath Gallery today.
I was taking replacement turtles for display and possible sales.
There may be a possible BIG commission piece as well.
If it occurs, it will be the largest multiple canvas piece I've ever attempted.
The frustrating part, The couple is from Gulf Breeze.
One of the shows cancelled this spring.
At least they found me at the Gallery!
I convinced Chris to bring his wood turning as well to see if they would be a fit into the gallery.
He brought and Stewart kept 8 bowls for display.
Welcome to the gallery Chris!

Three Amigos, Acrylic on Hardibord, 10 x 10
Day 30 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020 

Monday, July 27, 2020

Sea Turtles for Two!

Well now!
Yesterday (Sunday) was incredibly jam packed.
We watched church online and started our day.
Delightfully, Alfred finally got the funds we were trying to send to him for a while.
He immediately went to his Landlord and paid rent for both July and August.
That done, his family also got some groceries to be able to eat.
I received a delightful photo of Praise with sausage and sazda piled up to eat.
They all went to bed, singing God's praises with full bellies and happy hearts.
Meanwhile, my Sunday remainder was spent at the desk, trying to pound out 
more of the illustrations for the book. 
I am trying to get drawings done for approval from the author, then start on the paintings.
As a side note, I met with the author today and she loves the drawings so far!
I am still trying to finish them before we would have left for Africa on August 9th.
They will be done in watercolor, so they should go fairly quickly.
Anyways after a long day at the desk with breaks few and far between, I was too tired to post!

Why turtles again?
Saturday I got a message from Stewart Heath Gallery.
I need turtles ASAP!
I was taken aback as I had just delivered turtles the week before.
Then the photo popped up on my phone of the sale of one of the turtles I had brought previously.
What a problem to have!
I have a gallery that is making sales!
I am SO grateful that Stewart Heath nudged me into coming to her space.
She has actually pursued my work since before opening almost two years ago.
Recently she messaged me and asked again.
After prayer, I was led to go and leave some pieces with her.
She has given me a rather large space and I love it!
These turtles are for her Gallery to sell.

Sea Turtles I & II, Acrylic on shadowbox canvas, 24 x 24, $325.00 each
Days 28 & 29 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Just a little crabby

It has been another day on this earth that never fails to amaze me.
I am talking with Alfred in Zimbabwe on a daily basis.
We have sent him money to help with rent and food for his family.
It still has not arrived, and he is so patient.
I pray it arrives sooner rather than later, I don't want his family to go without food or shelter.
Each day we talk after I have sent him one of my readings for the day from the Bible.
He looks forward to them so much!
We are discussing each day his walk with God.
He is becoming closer than he has ever felt with his Maker and loves our discussions.
He is still creating, he is just much slower than I am.
He is also experimenting with new materials and textures.
I am really looking forward to seeing his new works coming from the pandemic and his own experiences with hospitals while fighting tuberculosis.
He believes his TB is completely healed through the power of prayer warriors here.
Why am I so impressed with him?
He has told me he was a gang member for years and realized it was not the path he wanted to take.
He left the gang, but wandered aimlessly in his path to Christianity.
I am so grateful to be a part of his conversion.
He loves God so much and believes there are better things to come.

I am working hard on the book as well.
I am determined to complete this task and complete it well.
Time will tell, I am frustrated on a daily basis.
Today, I just could not take my light box that Chris built about 20 years ago any longer.
It is heavy, bulky, hard to turn on and off, has screws in the way, and is too dark for my needs.
So, off we went to Hobby Lobby to purchase a light box. 
Now is when I miss Alabama Art Supply.
We used to sell large light boxes, this one is small but usable.
It is also MUCH brighter!

Stewart Heath Gallery sold another piece today.
Before I knew I had sold something, she sent me a text, I need turtles ASAP.
I was thinking, I just brought you two!
She sold the large one today.
More turtles.............Shadowbox ones too!
Coming soon from the Raccoon Retreat studio in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama!

And I painted a crab today!

Just a little crabby, acrylic on hardibord, 10 x 10 inches
Day 27 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Friday, July 24, 2020

Splendid Day!

You ever have one of those days?
Not a bad one, but one of the good ones?
Today was one of those days.........

I taught a class last night and was too tired to post the jellyfish.
This was the first class I've taught in months, and it felt SO GOOD!
We had 9 lovely watercolor turtles leave the Stewart Heath Gallery saying they'll be back for more!
Such a fun class, although a bit awkward teaching in a mask and not touching other peoples brushes.
It's all a learning process!
The jellyfish are also hanging at the Stewart Heath Gallery along with the Herons in love II.
The gallery also sold one of my sepia paintings today.
The octopus found a new home!

This is today's painting.
I am absolutely entranced with these hardi bord pieces.
This background is pearl and ivory and is just lovely.
The sepia paintings will be very pretty on these bases.

A couple of days ago, (Wednesday to be precise) this popped up in marketplace.
I asked Chris if he thought this would be pretty on the back porch.
He agreed yes it would.
I loved the copper and metal contrast.
The price was $25.
I asked if it was still available and it was pending.
I was disappointed, but sometimes you just miss out on the good deals.
This evening I received a message asking if I still wanted it.
I asked for the address in Spanish fort and off we went!
I knew it was large from the photo that showed a measuring tape next to it.
We arrived, and I got my mask and was greeted by a precious little dog running in the yard.
I saw the turtle on the porch and went to the door.
Not wanting to leave cash outside, I rang the bell.
She took the money and said do you want the other turtle, you can have it.
They were both heavy, and a quick glance looked like they were handmade.
I put them in the back of the car, Chris handed the lady her dog. 
(She was trying to go with us!) 
Off we went.
I was very happy with my purchase.
I told Chris I thought they were handmade.
He said "No I doubt it."
I was no less pleased with my purchase.
Then we got home after picking up ice cream.

After arriving home, we unloaded the turtles into the house and I examined them.
The one with copper was SIGNED!
PA Blackwell 11/2011
I looked at the other turtle, but while I could make out that it was signed as well, 
it was very hard to read.
In the meantime, I looked up Blackwell.
Fine Art America
The turtle like this currently sells for $400.00!
Looking at the signature, I believe the PA stands for Peter Anderson because the date is 11/2011.
The other turtle had me very curious now.
I took it to the sink, and looked again.
After careful peering I found the area that looked like a signature and turned it in the light.
I knew it was 06,  because that was easy to see.
When I finally realized what the signature was, I let out another whoopie!
Frank Ledbetter.
This is one of his earlier pieces as it is made of steel, not aluminum like they are now.
It is also hand painted with enamel paint I think.
His pieces are harder to nail down price wise, but we bought a smaller turtle 10 years ago for $100.00

Needless to say, I am one happy artist!
TWO art pieces for the price of ONE!
I will go to sleep with a smile tonight for sure!
Dreaming of sea turtles................

Blackwell piece

Frank Ledbetter piece

Jellyfish, Acrylic on shadowbox canvas, 14 x 36
Day 25 
Sepia sea turtle, Acrylic on hardibord, 10 x 10 inches
Day 26 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Herons in love II

Another pair of herons.
Same size as the other 24 x 36.
This is a request from one of my other galleries.
She saw the other one, and asked if it was available.
I told her no, but I could do a reverse.
I also did not do the colored eyes.

Today was interesting, I painted all morning then we went to run an errand and get lunch.
We are looking for insurance and Chris made the mistake of giving them his phone number.
Too, too many have called now.
We are still shopping as we have some time until it's needed.

I am teaching a watercolor class tomorrow night.
The Stewart Heath gallery in Malbis at the mall.
It should be lots of fun!
There's still room if you want to join us!

Herons in love, Acrylic on shadowbox canvas, 24 x 36
Day 24 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Peaceful turtle (no political affiliation please)

The paintings are going well, with me easily completing one per day.
I am afraid though at the rate our country is going, I may get even more done.
I think we are headed for another lockdown.
In which case, I will be found in my studio painting away.
I pray it isn't so, but with the raging numbers we are being presented with on a daily basis....
Our president finally speaks to us all wearing masks if you cannot social distance.
Although I wonder if it's just an attempt to boost numbers with an election coming up.
I'm already tired of the presidential, local, and statewide elections and their commercials.
Each side accusing the other of this and that, with respondents replying with tit for tat.

I'll be in the studio creating!

Peaceful turtle (no political affiliation please), Acrylic on hardibord, 10 x 10 inches
Day 23 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Monday, July 20, 2020


Today was rather "busy" in a myriad of ways.
I did laundry, painted canvases, went with Chris on a journey looking for a shop vacuum, ate lunch, then painted today's piece.
I then got in the pool with my sister in law for a long luxurious time
 of chatting, floating, and remembering.
My sister lives here now and we both love it so much!
We have had many discussions about Christ and being Christian.
She has enjoyed them too, deciding to be baptized again!
This has made me beyond joyous.
Chris and I then rode the dogs, don't ask it's every day!
Ate dinner of leftovers.
I then went to my studio, and Chris to his lathe.
We both got a lot done, and now I blog and call it a day!

Sandpiper, Acrylic on hardibord, 10 x 10 inches
Day 22 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Magnolia pod

I'm rather irritated right now. For the umpteenth time this week, the internet is again messed up. Chris found this seed pod after the storm last Sunday. I painted it to remember the storm. We were lucky here, one of our elderly church members not so much. The storm ripped his porch up and over his roof damaging the home. The men from the church got together yesterday and cleaned the yard. The roofer is coming tomorrow and the sheet rock people later this week.

Seed pod, Acrylic on canvas, 6x6
Day 21 of the 100 days-100 paintings 2020

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Playful Dolphin

Today's piece was combination of painting on top and painting inside.
Painting on top of the poured paint, painting inside the bubbles that formed in the pour.
If you will recall last fall, I painted a whale that had lots of bubbles and 
I did a combination of painting inside and adding more bubbles to my liking.
Anyway, lots of fun to paint as usual.

I had a meeting with the author of the book I'm illustrating today.
I am delighted to report we are moving along nicely, making decisions 
that will help me with my work in the studio.
I am scanning and sending two cover ideas to the project manager
and hope that it goes well in that department.
I will be pushed to complete by August, but that is my goal.
August was my goal originally because we were going to Africa.
Now that mission seems to be flattened, although I am talking with Alfred daily.
Prayers appreciated that my neck and back hold out over the next couple of weeks.

I am still reeling over the National Shrimp Festival being cancelled.
I get it, but that would've been a good deal of income that is now gone.
I also have collectors that are very disappointed.
Hopefully God will see fit to fill in and feed me as he feeds the birds.
Besides, there may be an "Almost, but not Quite Sea Festival" here at my house in October.
I want to have about 4 artists here, so we can social distance by spreading out in the yard.
Maybe by October, people will be ready to get out and buy art!
Prayers for everyone concerned, I know we all count on these festivals 
for our main source of income.
I am not worried in the least.

That's it for this evening.
May God bless and keep you in his perfect care.
Wear a mask and wash your hands!

Playful dolphin, acrylic on Hardibord, 10 x 10
Day 20 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Friday, July 17, 2020

More Mahi-mahi

I am really enjoying this series.
It has been a long day of concentrating on the book I'm illustrating.
This weekend will be dedicated to it as well.
Although, there may some pool time in there somewhere.

The hardi bord has been fun so far, and there are still several to go.
These will be appropriate for outdoor hanging or could go into a bathroom easily.
Hardi bord is a concrete based material made to mimic the look of wood.
Insects don't like it, it's easy to paint, and it's does not burn easily.

I am looking forward to working on a project that has been thrown my way.
It is a baby now, but must be completed and approved rather quickly.
While I cannot go into detail yet, it may be a smash hit.
I would very much appreciate prayers thrown my way.
The great part about it is, I did not pursue it, but it is pursuing me!
I just LOVE it when people talk about me and my art!

More Mahi-mahi, acrylic on hardi bord, 10 x 10 inches
Day 19 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Fly away II

Fly away II is another in the Hardi bord series.
I am really enjoying painting them and looking forward to offering them up as outdoor art.
This background though!
The afternoon I was doing this major pour, my husband decided to come and see what was happening in the studio. 
I had several pieces going at once,stacking some higher so they pour onto the next level of pieces.
I am trying to be a good steward of my money that God gives to me for my use.
Anyway, there was a couple of them that managed to get drops of 
paint on them instead of the flow I was trying to achieve.
In comes the mister, and he decides the drops look like turtles, 
especially after he manipulates the paint.
I did not discover this until a couple of hours later and was kind of upset with him.
Don't they look cute?
I'm not going for cute here honey.
Please don't do it again.
(I'm sure he will just to be funny. It's a good thing I love him!)
Anyway, I decided to add a larger turtle on top, making the smaller ones 
look like they're deep in the water.
The person that purchases this one, gets a collaborative piece!

We also took apart the submarine today, it hurt not being able to save parts of it, 
but I'm running out of room in storage!

Fly away II, Acrylic on Hardi , 10 x 10
Day 18 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Fly away!

Fly away is another in the Hardi bord series.
I am kinda enjoying them, getting the images just so for the new outdoor pieces.
However, what I did not enjoy today was the official cancellation of the 
Annual National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama, October 8th-11th.
This is one of my favorite shows, and this year was going to be a surprise!
I was going to have a double booth, one side for my marine art, 
the other would've been a display of nothing but steampunk art.
There's always next year....

Do me a favor please............
WEAR a mask!
My brother had a scare Sunday, calling me to tell me that he was sick 
and the doctor had tested him for Covid.
I prayed Monday, Tuesday, and all day today.
Fortunately his test came back negative, but there have been false negatives before.
He is exhibiting a lot of the symptoms, but so far so good.
If he is not better tomorrow, he plans to go to the doctor again, 
I only pray they test him again too (he has too many symptoms pointing straight to the virus!)
Anyway, this is one of our stresses this week.
Our Governor just today mandated a mask in all businesses 
and gatherings of 10 or more people.
This is NOT about taking away your liberty, it is about protecting everyone
around you. Walmart has now mandated masks in all their stores as well.
Please for those with compromised immune systems, COPD, 
the elderly and many other illnesses, just wear one!
I know my husband and I do!

MY main concern is lack of income for the next few months.
With the ANSFestival cancelling, I'm sure others will be following shortly.
Typically this time of year, we have 5 shows, 
with minimal travel to both Florida and Mississippi as well as our local festivals.
I am anticipating all of these cancelling as well.
I will continue to paint, even though it will be difficult to focus.
I do still have galleries that are selling, although both one woman shows have cancelled.
I will need to supply the galleries and the local collectors that come my way!
There are a couple of things new on the horizon.
I will be starting a collection of art that will be offered online in print form.
They will include both marine and steampunk pieces!
I will be building my website soon as well with ability to purchase online.
Look for this exciting adventure to start very soon, just in time for fall decorating, 
Christmas decorating and gifts.

New horizons, new challenges, new art!
All coming your way very soon!
Thanks for keeping up with me and my crazy artist life.

Fly away! Acrylic on hardi bord, 10 x 10
Day 17 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

3 days again!

These past few days have been a whirlwind of activity!
It all started Sunday afternoon when I was painting here in the studio.
I had gone to church earlier to set up the submarine for VBS starting on Monday.
I had almost completed my painting for the day and was going to post the days effort to the blog.
I live next to a set of storage buildings and people come and go frequently, opening their units and setting off the 5 dachshund alarms.
This afternoon, the gentleman that owns a vintage jeep came to put it back in storage after taking it out for the 4th of July week. Dusk was falling, and he was on his phone. 
I continued to paint, and he apparently had a problem with his jeep.
He walked down to the end of the street and then disappeared.
Meanwhile his babied, beautiful, vintage jeep was sitting on the road waiting. 
It apparently had died, and he could not start it back up to put it into the unit.
While I was finishing up, a major storm was coming in from the North, 
multiple warnings, but no warning for what was to occur. 
Meanwhile, the jeep sits outside, with no doors, and barely a top on.
To begin with, I heard the roar of the wind ahead of the storm front.
I looked up from my easel, and watched the window next to me actually bow in and out.
I heard the wind increase, and then rain started coming in sheets, 
flooding the street below my window.
It grew very dark, very fast.
I contemplated leaving the room.
Then, while I was working on another piece of art,
the tow truck appeared.
It eased by the jeep, with a car ahead of it guiding it to the jeep.
Then came the quick meeting under umbrellas, (that probably did absolutely no good)
The owner went to the car, the tow truck picked up the jeep in record time and left.
I decided to photograph, send the photo to my email, then add it to the blog.
No internet............
Every time it so much as rains a drop it seems, the internet goes down around here.
Very tiresome.
But, here we are today with three days of posts and me vowing to get the password from my blog, so I can post from my phone when this occurs again.
Rant over.
Lionfish II on hardi board.

This is the one that was completed on Sunday, not the one above.
This one, is on hardi board as well. Soon I'll have enough to be able to resin them all at once.
Hope you're not bored with this series yet!
Lionfish I 

Today's offering for the 100 days,
A clownfish.
We used to have one in our tank when we lived in the Philippines, 
mom and dad would go diving and bring home various creatures from the sea.
I loved this type of fish then, and still do now! 
I'm hoping these paintings do well as people have been requesting outdoor art for years.

And now, the submarine I've been promising to show.
All 19 1/2 feet of her!

Actually constructed from cardboard on a metal framework, this was really interesting to build.
We attached the cardboard with over 300 zip ties and became quite the experts 
at working back and front. We would punch holes, then use the zip ties.
It turned out pretty cool I think!

Packing material from hair products.

The mechanism and the wheel had to be able to turn both ways.
The wheel is layered cardboard, spray paint, and duct tape.

Some of the control panels made from boxes and paper from previous projects.
The two portholes are empty pie boxes.

Box with printed dials, and gauges printed and enlarged.
The larger gears are waffle house containers!

While eating lunch one day, I told my husband I want your box!
I know he thinks I'm crazy and now it's confirmed.
45 minute later though, I had this "control panel."

This was from the papers I punched to get the squares and dots from.
Black paper to mount, and more screens.

Another view of the pie containers after silver and black paint added.

Lionfish I, Lionfish II, and Clownfish, all 10 x 10 inches, hardi bord
Days 14, 15 & 16 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Saturday, July 11, 2020

3 days a little amazed

So you remember that thing called life?
Those things that get in the way of what you want to do, so the Holy Spirit can move IN you?
That has really happened to me this week!

Write this down.........
Delays and distractions are Divine interventions.

Can't get to an appointment on your time schedule?
The Spirit is delaying you, keeping you possibly from an accident.
Can't figure out a problem on your own?
Let the Spirit take over and see the magic that happens in your life 
and the lives of others you pray for every day.
I have found the more I let God take the reins of the horse I'm riding called life,
the more I enjoy life!
Don't get me wrong, it's not all peaches and cream.
But still! 

I occasionally ask people what they want to see me paint next.
The dragonfly was mentioned several weeks ago as a suggestion for a painting.
I really enjoyed putting him on the poured background as well!
Beautiful and fun!
The fox is another of the aforementioned question.
A request of a fox.
Not my usual fair, but I'm always up for a challenge.
This one is on a poured background of pearl and ivory with white as well.
The two holes at the top are for a wire to be run through.
This is one of the pieces of Hardi board siding that came off the 
back of the house when we added the porch.
I love using recycled materials and eventually this will have resin added to it so it can go outside.
I have people request outdoor art for years now.
We'll see how they sell or don't! 

And now there's this......

This is part of the submarine going into the main church tomorrow for Summer Surge.(VBS)
This is a door "lock" that has to be able to turn both ways on a door in the submarine.
I was concerned about building something that can be used, 
yet be sturdy, light, and made from cardboard and an empty paint can!
This week I have done a lot of building and constructing for this set. 
The sub is 19 feet long, has two levers that work, this wheel, and lots of gauges and buttons.
I could not have gotten as much done as I have without the presence of the Holy Spirit in my studio!
Several times this week I have been Spirit led in a direction that was the perfect solution for what I was working on at that time.
I guess God wants this set to be awesome, because the Spirit gave me so many ideas at one point that I had to say WHOA! 
I can't create that fast, slow down the ideas please!
Anyway you look at it, if you believe in the Spirit or not, I got an incredible amount of work done!
That's all for 3 days and today.

100 days~100 paintings 2020, Acrylic on canvas 12 x12, hardi board (11x14), and cardboard!
Days  11, 12, & 13 of the 100 days for 2020

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Big Blue II

Another day, another Heron!
This big boy is from a different photo I promise. 
It looks like a mirror image of the one from yesterday, but it's not!
The three paintings look fantastic together.

Time slips up on you quickly and rather sneakily. 
My day started with a walk for turtles that woke us up at 4:30am.
Our section of beach has one nest so far, with more to come I hope.
Share the beach started in 2005 as a way to preserve our precious sea turtles.
Typically, only one baby from a nest of approximately 100 survive to adulthood.
Out of those, only one in six survive to lay a nest.
Now you know why it's important!
All species of sea turtles are endangered because of environmental concerns.
Primarily our use of plastics.
Did you know every single piece of plastic is still on our planet in one form or another?
Pieces of plastic that are microscopically small are getting into our food chain as well.
Recycle please!
We really have no excuse here in Fairhope as it is picked up at our curbside.
We have steel straws as well.
The United States alone uses 500 million straws per day!
Share the beach is located at
You can adopt a turtle nest, volunteer for next year, donate,
or purchase some really neat sea turtle stuff!

I also worked for several hours on the submarine for the church today as well.
It is an amazing experience when the Holy Spirit takes over and gives me 
so many ideas I have to say whoa!
I barely get done with one part, then another pops into my head.
Anyway, lots got done today in the Raccoon Retreat studio!
Tomorrow, I will haul it all over to the church and assemble to begin painting.
Photos will come after the unveiling at the Church next Monday.

Big Blue II, Acrylic on shadowbox canvas, 27 x 27
Day 9 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Big Blue

My goodness what a day!
Lots of things accomplished in the studio.
I painted this morning, and while waiting for this guy to not be so tender, worked on other projects.

Summer surge for our church will be a large project this week for sure!
The submarine is coming along nicely, with me building the framework for the front end last night. Today found me grabbing cardboard form my scraps and making a large porthole for the front of the sub. It is quite dimensional and will be a neat addition to the front end. I also used a clear tray from one of our first Wednesday services to give it the glass effect, but painted it black so as to enhance the look. Next came the pie containers I've been saving for a project and this is perfect. The three containers will become 6 smaller portholes on the front and rear. (they have awesome detailing on them already!)
God is pushing my talent further, with a lot of engineering and 3 dimensional thinking.
I guess it is working, because while we were having lunch, I noticed something about our boxes that the sandwiches came inside. As Chris finished his meal, I asked for the box, combining it with my own and back to the studio I went.
A little cardboard, leftover poster board, paint, and hot glue and we now have one of our control panels for the sub!
45 minutes and done! I then took the scraps of poster board and made a monitor panel that can be glued to the inside panels. 
This project is really proving to be fun, interesting, and stretching my imagination to the limits.
I love days like this, when I get tremendous amounts of tasks completed.
Thanks Holy Spirit for throwing ideas at me almost faster than I can complete them!

After a couple of hours doing these projects, I went back to the Heron and completed him.
I  put him and the next one on 27 x 27 shadowbox canvases in order to 
complete a few to take to Big Fish Trading company later this week. 
Amy will have several to choose from when I go there!
I am still in amazement that I get to play and finally make some money 
after several dry months of no shows to go and sell from.
God is so good!

This evening after a leftover dinner. I went back to the submarine project.
I worked on the rear tonight, listening to gospel music and allowing my mind to wrap around this fantail.
The sub will be quite large, over 6 feet tall and about 12 feet long on the "inside" the overall length is about 16 feet!
I am using framework given to me by another artist to hold everything together. Just praying the theory works, and we don't have to have a tent frame in the back to hold it all up!
Flying by the seat of my pants on that one, letting the Spirit pull me along for the ride!

Big Blue, Acrylic on shadowbox canvas, 27 x 27 inches
Day 9 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

Monday, July 6, 2020

The post that almost didn't happen!

This has been unreal, getting to this point in my day!
I finished the painting hours ago, but when I went to write the blog, download the photos, listen to Pandora, everything went kaput.
Now, keep in mind I have already gone to mediacom and replaced their modem.
Everything was working honky dory, listening to music, going to my email, downloading photos, or so I thought.
Nothing, no internet.
Are you kidding me!
I JUST this afternoon cancelled my appointment with mediacom because 
I thought I had solved the problem.
Apparently not.
Phone call, wait or call back.
Call back.
Just as I settle in to sketch, they call.
The first girl just tried to fix the problem to no avail. 
No internet so she passes me on to the next tech that is getting testy because I cannot figure out what she is talking about on my computer.
Thanks Windows 10!
She says internet is working, it is a problem with my computer.
She insists internet is working, so I hang up after she asks me if I want cable tv.
Uh no! NO I don't. 
She asks again do you want to sign up for cable.
NO mam!
We are very happy where we are at in our television world now.
Anyway, I hang up and sketch another heron.
I'll try the computer once again.
After fiddling for a while, I discover the old router is numero uno. 
I delete it and sign up under the new router name and password given to me by the first person.
I held my breath...........
and here I am again connected.
Well at least for the next five minutes I hope!
I am much better with a brush than a computer!
Rant over, moving on......

Today's piece was a lot of fun to paint. I had an old 24 x 36 frame and I asked the mister to add a shadowbox to it. He did, I stretched it yesterday and painted it white.
The inset is 12 x 24 and I am in love with the effect. 
I have two more herons sketched out, both on 27 x 27 canvases. 
Both will have colored eyes as this is what Amy from Big Fish trading company is requesting.
We shall see, they are striking!
I also bought another roll of canvas, as my beloved decided to make up ALL the 24 x 24s he could from the habitat for humanity stretcher bars.
I now have 17 shadowboxes to stretch.
Somehow today I managed to get the front of the submarine built for
 summer surge at church in a week! 
Eek! I'd better get busy.
Somewhere there is a book awaiting my talent as well.
Such is part of one day at the Raccoon Retreat Studio here in Fairhope, Alabama

"Herons in love" Acrylic on shadowbox canvas, 24 x36
Day 8 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020