Friday, August 31, 2012

Celebrate Small Groups Artwork

     Not long after Vacation Bible School the next project came into play at Celebration. Our Fall Kick Off of small groups is happening on September 9th, 2012. I was asked to do the artwork for both the church and the Celebrate Kids building. My artworks are being displayed on stage in the church. I am having a great time designing and making these pieces! This piece is for the main panel in front of the desk on stage. CCNN stands for Celebrate Church News Network. This represents day 56.

    This is the piece created for the Celebrate Kids. These are all going on the desk on stage for decoration. It represents day 57 of the 100 days.


        Another piece for the decoration on stage. This one represents Celebration Church. Day 58 here of the 100 days.

     Glo is represented too!

     My favorite of the all the pieces because of the color! I really had fun making this one as well. All these pieces are on foam core and are approximately 15 x 15. The first one is larger for the front of the desk. All of these are going to make their debut on September 9th.


Monday, August 27, 2012

The Returning Beggar

     This is the third in the bird series from Coya Costa. I want to go there again because the island was absolutely filled with animals so happy in their pristine environment. Coya Costa island is so beautiful and the animal species numerous to say the least. The Sand Dollar we found was huge and a brilliant reddish purple. I had never seen a live one that large or that deep in color. The whelks we found that were live were beautiful as well. We put the live shells back into the water so they could live for another day. Much to my dismay, the sand dollar we had found was located by a family that excitedly added it to their growing shell collection on the beach. Chris and I knew not to keep live specimens, but apparently this family was either ignorant or uninformed. At least I hope it was one of those and not that they did not care about the environment.

          Note to visitors~ please read the instructions offered by the State and National Parks. No live species are to be removed from the parks! This not to make your life miserable, but to keep native species alive for the next generation. No shell, creature, plant or rock is worth going to jail over or paying a fine because you wanted that memory from your vacation. Take only pictures~leave only footprints. Then the Coya Costas of our beautiful country will be there for our future generations.

       This little guy is not so little. I loved painting these birds larger than life size. It also makes them easier to paint! 'The Returning Beggar' 12 x 24 acrylic on canvas.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


     I have a favorite painting that I did years ago when I first began that featured 6 sandpipers and beautiful pale water. I carted this painting around for the better part of three years before the right buyer came along. The story goes like this...................

     Most painters paint in uneven numbers, 1, 3, 5, etc. For some reason, I wanted to have 6 birds in this particular painting. It has 5 birds going in one direction and one towards the others. I love the painting and it is still one of my best selling prints, called "Sand, Surf, & Sandpipers" From the beginning, my husband wanted me to paint out one of the birds, and kept telling me on a regular basis that was why the painting did not sell. Featured at the National Shrimp Festival, the painting caught the eye of a woman that was married to a much older man. She loved the story about the painting, looked at me and said I want you to tell your husband something for me. I am going to buy this painting and the reason is my husband tells me stories about his children chasing the sandpipers along the beach. The main attraction to me is the 6 sandpipers. Why you ask? My husband has 6 children and it will mean the world to him! She not only bought that one, but another as well . So stick to your guns artists! Don't always follow the rules and stay in the box!

     Back to this little guy! Painted much larger than life, this bird is so much fun to paint! I am so excited to bring a painting a day to the Eastern Shore and will be teaching the discipline this fall at the Eastern Shore Art Center. I am really looking forward to it! Painted with a limited palette, color decisions are easier and quicker to make. The limited palette makes your paintings more cohesive as well, because they are simple to make similar if you are making a series such as these birds. The limited palette is also non~fugitive, meaning your paintings will never change!

Shorebird~12 x 24~Acrylic on canvas

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Beggar

     Last year, we took a trip for photos and references to the coast of Florida and the Keys. If you are not new to this blog, you may have seen this fellow before in one of my sepia paintings. Not in this pose of course but another. My husband is not real sure about this one, I guess because of the arresting stare down this bird possessed.

     This little fellow was quite the beggar and called Coya Costa home. Coya Costa is off the coast of Florida and you get to it from the Sandia Island area. It is a State park and is quite spectacular in it's beauty and pristine habitats for animals. You must go by boat to the island and stay the day. There are facilities there, but you must bring your own stuff to the beach area as it is far from the dock. I hope to stay there some day, there are primitive cabins and animals are allowed. I think it would be delightful to be cut off from the world for a few days, just to bask in the sun and admire the handiworks of our creator. Back to this little fellow.................

     We had been at the beach for some time with our fellow shell collectors and had settled down for a lunch that consisted of sandwiches and chips. There were several of these little birds wandering about, but this guy seemed to have overcome his fear of humans in order to get tasty morsels thrown from our sandwiches. Closer and closer he came, shooing off his flock mates, biting and running them in all directions. This little intimidator had done this before obviously! He came just close enough to get the tasty bits and run and fast as his little legs could carry him. The other birds would frantically run after him, hoping to get him to drop whatever he had managed to get. They would then squabble over what was dropped and somebody was always the victor. Eventually this guy realized that I wanted him closer and the others would have none of that game so they went off to better pickings. I slowly moved, and got the camera out, throwing bits of bread in his direction. At first, either the sound of the camera clicking or the movement of my finger on the shutter startled him. We finally found a mutual area to photograph and thus you see the shot here.  This was after he had eaten the bit of bread I had tossed and I guess was demanding more. The look was arresting to say the least!

       I really enjoyed the color on this painting and have plans to complete more poses of this bird.  I hope you like the painting as much as I loved creating it!

The Beggar~ Acrylic~12 x 12 Deep edge canvas

Friday, August 24, 2012


     Relaxing is a painting that is all about turtles of course! I painted this one while waiting for the car to be fixed again. Hopefully this time they got it right! Turtles will always have a fascination for me and this little baby was fun to paint.

Relaxing 12 x 12 Acrylic on canvas

Thursday, August 23, 2012


   I really want to see a "boil" one day. The sight of baby turtles escaping their nest  I have been told is quite a sight. They sometimes hatch at night so there is quite frequently a turtle sitter watching all night long. If they are born at night, the lighting has to be just right so that the babies don't get confused and go inland rather than to the sea. People who live nearby have to shield their lighting outside and probably their windows as well. Night is probably better for the little ones as far as predators go. There are lots of other creatures that think baby turtles are delicious. If they are born during the day, the seagulls are the primary threat. Either way, it's a miracle any of them survive at all!

   I am pleased to report that the Fall show schedule is firmly in place. I have the Jubilee Show in Daphne,Al the last week of September. The first weekend of October is the Grand Festival, this year being held Friday and Saturday, with the artists encouraged to stay open during the evening Artwalk on Friday night. There will be multiple birders there as well as the Birdfest will be in full swing. The second full weekend finds me in Gulf Shores, Al. Thursday , Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be at the National Shrimp Festival. We then have a two week break before Peter Anderson in Ocean Springs, MS the first weekend in November. I am tired just writing about it! I am fortunate in that I have only had one show that did not make expenses. One never knows how these shows will go, profitable or not we will be loaded up and ready to go!

Baby 12 x 12 Acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


    On top of the schedule that I keep with teaching and the 100 days I now have a new car with a bit of a problem. The drivers seat has a motors that are supposed to let it go up and down and back and forth. This car seem to have a problem with the operation of the seat. After taking it to the dealership to get a new key, I found out that it was still under warranty until next May. Delighted, I asked about the seat. It would go back and forth, but not up and down. After three hours, they replaced the motor and I drove home happily, with a seat that could adjust properly.

      Within two hours, it had quit working up and down. When Chris tried it, the seat would now not go back and forth either! It was stuck in the forward position with my knee hitting the steering column.

      Back to the dealership today, my daughter picked me up and I worked with her at the Mobile house for a few hours. We got a call 4 hours later, telling me that the problem was a simple unplugging of the motor caused by the seat. It was fixed they said, but when I looked inside, I noticed a piece of broken plastic that looked like a tab or clip. Simple, the  guy said, lets just snap it back into place. Okay,snapped into place, off to the art store. At the Art store, it popped out of place again! Now I was worried that the seat would be affected!

     Back to the dealership to point out the problem. Yes I agree, that could be a problem, got a few minutes so we can replace it? Sure I said grabbing my paint bag out of the car. 30 minutes later, no part available to replace in my color.

     Ordering part, can you come back tomorrow? Not easily I thought, but I said yes to coming back.

     Meanwhile the seat has stopped going down again. 120 miles and counting.......................

     Thank the  good Lord I brought the paint bag, otherwise I might have a lot more upset because I would be thinking about what I could be doing in my studio! Instead, I can happily paint away while the minutes and hours tick by. The good news is, I finished my painting a day for today and can post the one for yesterday as well.

     The bad news is, I have to go back to the dealership again and the dachshunds are threatening a revolt or at the very least, a minor skirmish with the blanket they sleep on!

"Swimming" top painting 12 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas "Swimmingly" bottom painting 12 x 16 Acrylic on canvas


Monday, August 20, 2012

Smooth Swimmer

     The phone scared me out of my painting zen one day last week. I was in the zone, carefully applying the finishing touches on a piece for the 100 days series. When it rang, I nearly fell out of the chair because the noise scared me. "I need more Turtles!" the voice said on the other end of the line.    It was Helen from Fairhope Connections gallery calling to tell me of sales in the Fairhope and Orange Beach Galleries on the same day. Joe at the Orange Beach Store had sold 2 pieces and was now out of turtles. Helen took him all of my smaller turtle pieces leaving her with none on hand. She had sold 3 paintings herself as well ( 2 of turtles and a crab painting).Hence the need for more turtles. It took a moment for it to sink in, 5 in one day? I stammered in disbelief, wait what do you need? I was still having trouble processing what she was saying. My right brain was also having trouble letting go, so the left brain could speak! "Turtles" came the reply, I'm out of the small ones. Okay, why? She explained again that both galleries did very well that day. Finally it sank in. Odd how those things happen at the same time. At least 3 people had bought 5 paintings!

      I am still sitting here,  wondering about the turns my life has taken since I started the painting a day series. This is my third year of doing them, as well as the third year of the sepia series. The sepias are still doing well, most of the time selected by men who love the linear quality. I am grateful to God for the talent he has given me, and that I can bless others with my works. The church has been the biggest recepient of my given talents so far. I also donate to charities when I can.

Smooth Swimmer~Loggerhead Turtle 12 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas

Sunday, August 19, 2012


     "Trust" is a piece designed for the Scripts & Strokes Small Group at Celebration starting in September. Each person will be able to choose which analogous colors they want to use. I am having a great time designing works of art to be able to teach at the small groups and  pass on my talents to others. While the small group may not make you paint like I paint, I am hoping for anyone who attends to have a better confidence in the world of Art. Each painting will have a scriptural reference study and hopefully I can offer two different paintings at each session, one whimsical, one more serious. Hopefully they will all be fun!

"Trust~ Proverbs 3 verses 5 & 6 Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 20

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What about my Attitude?

    This painting  was a challenge because of all the detil in the mouth area of the crab. I will always enjoy painting blue crabs and this one was fun. So much color and beauty in a small package. Attitude is a hallmark as well as they don't like to be caught and cooked! I love the taste of fresh crabs, I just do not like the work involved. Look for more turtles in the future as both Galleries seem to be selling these beautiful creatures. I have a new collector as well from Boston, Massachusetts that is a fellow artist. I really love it when another artist buys my work! It makes the rejections from shows easier to take when you know another craftsman thinks enough of your work to purchase it!

               Fall shows are coming into line now, Jubilee in Daphne September 29th & 30th. Downtown Daphne during the day. Last years show was fun until I smashed my thumb at the pack up! I received an award of Distinction last year there as well. I have also received confirmation of the Grand Festival, Downtown Fairhope, Alabama. October 5th and 6th Friday and Saturday. This years show is on Artwalk Night as well, so we should have lots of fun under the evening sky. Artwalk in Fairhope is always well attended and is a family friendly event. The following week is the National Shrimp Festival October 11th,12th,13th & 14th. Always a huge show with lots of people in attendance. Again a family friendly atmosphere, but a very large venue so bring your walking shoes and water bottles. We are planning to be open until 7pm on Saturday night and maybe Friday as well.

What about my Attitude? 15 x 30 Acrylic on canvas

Friday, August 17, 2012

Scrambled Shrimp

     Living in Fairhope really has it's small town advantages. Take for example the market held next to the library for several weeks on Thursdays. These markets occur before the heat of summer takes your breath away when you walk out the door. They push the limits of the heat and humidity with flowers, fresh vegetables, honey, plants, breads, home made items and of course, Shrimp! These gentleman had large ziplock bags on ice of these beautiful bounties from the sea. I simply could not resist bringing them home and making them dinner! (Of course, I photographed them first!)

      I would love to be a part of a shrimping expedition, just to see the bounty of harvest spill forth onto the decks. After watching Big Shrimping, my husband and I realized we had an extended coversation with the gentleman that owns these beautiful boats. It was right after the BP Oil Spill and he was visiting with family on Dauphin Island at the campground. During the course of a lazy evening, he voiced his concern about the oil reaching the upper parts of the Gulf. Little did we know that first weekend in May 2010 that his fears would be realized later that summer. Not only were his fears realized, but we had tangible proof of the scope of the disaster when leaving the island that Sunday. There were several boats, trailers, and various pieces of equipment for the use of clean up. The booms had not arrived yet, as they were in short supply at that time. The sight of this equipment reduced me to tears but I had show to go and conduct on the Island. The show went well enough, of course all the talk was of the spill and the environmental impact it would have on the Island and our coastline. During the show I also had a woman tearfully purchase one of my prints of Horn Island after she told me they found about 2 dozen turtles washed up on shore. It was a hard show to get through because my work encompasses everything about the sea. Two years down the road, we still don't know the complete impact of the oil and the dispersants. Time will only tell.........................

Scrambled Shrimp 20 x 20 Acrylic on canvas

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wise beyond his years

     I started this one during a demonstration that lasted 2 hours on Tuesday at the Eastern Shore Art Center. (I finished it this evening in about an hour.) I had invited my students to show up thinking it would just be us and they could get in their lesson. Much to my surprise, people started coming in about 20 minutes before the demonstration was to begin! I started answering questions and away we went! My students have heard it all before so they painted away, while I was demonstrating and talking about my upcoming classes at ESAC in Fairhope. Before it was all said and done, the room needed more chairs and I had come close to completing this piece, talking all the while. (We had about 24 people show up, even one of the other instructors!)

     I talked about transferring, why to paint a painting in a day, brushes, paints, canvas and everything under the sun! (I also checked on my students that were there to make sure they did not dig too deep a hole.) I really enjoy teaching and encouraging people to paint more. I started the painting a day 3 years ago while we were building our house in Fairhope. Hard days of hot sweaty work, then frantically completing, photographing, downloading and blogging about that days painting! I have never had so much fun! The painting a day discipline will make you paint faster, cleaner, and more profitably because if you sell, the name of the game is to keep your prices affordable. It also stops you from just plain fiddling around with your paint! During the demonstration, the people watching were a little surprised that I did not study the photo more. I have found that too much focusing on the reference slows you down, and cause you to 'tighten up' way too quickly. I refer to the photo as I am doing the big details and then the final touches, then I simply put it away because I do not like to let a photo dictate to me the colors I use.

     Long and short of it, I now have two more people signed up for this fascinating method of painting and creating. They may not all complete a painting a day, but at least we'll all have fun trying!

Wise beyond his years , 13 x 20, Acrylic on Canvas, Day 44 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


     I still collect shells and anticipate the day when my parents finally tell me I can have the collection from the Phillipines. The shells start their lives in the water, the ocean I still love so much, and I can remember my parents bringing them to the surface.
      The most dangerous ones were the Cone shells, beautiful but deadly in their sting. My father was once involved in trying to save one of the local village children after she had gotten stung, but knowing there was nothing he could do. I cried a lot for that little girl that was close to my age. My parents clung to me much harder those first few days afterward. The first time we went back, they were very protective of me going near the water. I guess that witnessing first hand what these lovely beauties could do made both my parents but especially my father realize how close I had come to death. I received many lessons afterward on identifying the deadly ones, but most of the time, I simply steered clear of the cone shaped ones. I would tell an adult when I found one, and they would remove them from the water.

     There are dozens of shells, colorful and plain, fragile and hard as rocks. They all succumbed to the ant bed that my mother placed them in out  by the back of the house. Those ants ate well, cleaning every shell so carefully they barely needed washing when we dug them up 2 weeks later after giving the ants another free meal nearby. We then displayed them in our home along with our fish caught wild and brought home to our tank. The shells had their own shelf along with the glass animals my parents collected at the base Commissary. I can remember dusting each shell carefully over the years before placing them back on the shelf that they were displayed upon. My father had spent hours researching the proper names for these beautiful gifts from the sea~giving them both the scientific and common names. He would carefully scotch tape these painstakingly hand lettered papers to their undersides. This is the old school scotch tape, the kind that deteriorates with age, both yellowing and losing it's grip with the surface it was originally adhered upon.

      Wonderful memories from the sea continue to haunt me to this day, giving me a knowledge and love for the ocean that continues to this day. The shells remain in a box, carefully wrapped in tissues and paper, waiting for the day that they get to see the light again.

"Nautilus" 6 x 6 acrylic on canvas

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fish Series

                 This grouper study is on the block for August 38 of the 100 days. I always enjoy the sepias and this one was very easy to do. I did a series of 4 of the big game fish with one in sepia and the larger in color. The men really love the sepias because of the quality of them looking like drawings. The white background allows them to go anywhere!

Grouper Study 4 x 12 acrylic on canvas~available at Fairhope Connections in Fairhope, Alabama

                  This grouper was very fun to paint and I love the neutral colors. The Grouper is  on canvas and is a 12 x 24 acrylic. The fish series has been fun so far with several fish swimming away with the days flying by in rapid procession. I have no problem this year getting the paintings done, but the blogging...........................everything gets in the way!

 "Grouper" 12 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas

     This study for the Mahi Mahi was interesting to say the least! These fish are so colorful and to translate that into sepia was a challenge. I still enjoyed painting him though! This painting represents day 40 of the 100 days.

"Mahi Study" 4 x 12 Sepia acrylic on canvas

     When we first came back to Mobile in 1976 I was introduced to this fish. But, when we came home, people kept talking about eating Dolphin! Imagine if you will, in my teenage mind they were eating Flipper! I would always refuse to eat this fish, being ignorant of the reality. I don't know why they are called Dolphin so when I found the name was also Mahi Mahi, I much preferred THAT name. I then tried this fish and found it to be quite delicious! My husband and I have found the best place for fried Mahi Mahi at the Market by the Bay. Having grown up in a family that fished a lot and ate a great deal of fish for dinner, I usually will try anything. But Dolphin?

 Mahi Mahi! 12 x 24 Acrylic on canvas. Day 41 of the 100 days~100 paintings.

     Those of you that know me, also know I spent a bit of time in the Phillipines while my father was in the service. We would go diving at Subic bay (the Naval Base I think) and it was a popular spot for diving. We would spend all day and sometimes the weekend. During those times, my parents were  collecting shells and placing them in the ant bed at the back of the house we lived in at the time. I have shells from that time period and have used them in paintings several times. I still collect them and finding them is always a pleasure. This conch shell was one I purchased from a vendor in Montego Bay Jamica several years ago, carefully packing it in my luggage on the trip home.

"Conch" 6 x 6 Acrylic on canvas, day 42 of the 100 days

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Denizen of the deep

            A special request from a collector in Orange Beach. Fairhope Connections called me and asked if I could recreate an octopus I had done but in a smaller piece. The original is 12 x 12 but the client wanted an 8 x 8. So, I got out the brushes and pulled out a rabbit because they wanted it the next day! When Joe Stoppa called, he said the customer also may want a Nautilus with the creature exposed. For some unknown reason, the word Cephalopods popped into my head! I told him they must really attracted to them (cephalopods) because both of them are from that group. Mr Douglas at Murphy high school would be so proud that I remembered that from Advanced Biology my senior year! What year?  I am almost scared to say, 1978!
Denizen from the deep~acrylic on canvas 8 x 8 Day 37 of the 100 days~100 paintings

Celebration Church Lexi & Link VBS

The Mayan Mask in place with set dressing for the VBS Lexi & Link at Celebration church in Fairhope, Alabama. The mask features a working mechanism to move the mouth and a neatly designed waterfall that came from the top of the platform. The mask itself is built out of house insulation foam layered and stacked to form the carved layers. This is my first real try at carving, and I really enjoyed it! The mask took a total of about 10 hours to carve. Another hour or so to paint! The waterfall was designed by me and beautifully executed with some changes by Joe Wachovia (sorry if I spelled it wrong!). I am amazed by the talents shown by the people at our church and so willingly given because of their awareness that God is where their talents come from, and their response is projects of this undertaking. The final touches were placed by the lighting crew after Pastor Tim wanted an LED bar placed at the top to showcase the piece. Great call, Pastor Tim! Great job as well by the fantastic lighting crew headed by Chase~They had to remove the lighting from the church, bring it to the chapel, install it, and check lighting all within 24 hours!
While not a painting per se' I am still putting this one down as day 31 of the 100 days!

The two relief pieces I created for the VBS. They measure 3ft x 6ft and are on canvas so they can be removed and stored. They are both based on wall carvings from Ninevah. These pieces were fun to paint and easy to install at the chapel for the VBS. They also should store well rolled up. These two guys are days 32 and 33 of the 100 days~100 paintings

Two of the amazing girls helping out with the backdrops for the VBS~LExi & Link at Celebration Church, Fairhope, Alabama. They followed instruction well, adding the final details, and I left them to their task as I had already painted the other two backdrops that measured 9 x 12 and 6 x 12!
So much fun! So many new friends!

The backdrop behind the performers is for the city of Ninevah. It is used later as the backdrop for the king as well. It measured 6 x 12 and is the back of the jungle piece. I also painted signage for the market. Many thanks go to my husband Chris Chavez and Theresa for helping me finish this piece completing day 35 of the 100 days. 

The "plane" for the hsow. Cramped and ridiculously funny in it's size. Chris Chavez and I built this one afternoon in the workshop behind our house. The backdrop was painted on site and I had a few helpers including JD Ost, who asked how to paint clouds and learned rathe quickly! HE also painted the nose of the plane black. Day 36 down!

The jungle backdrop in place with additional set dressing in the form of plants, both silk and real. I had wonderful help throughout the process and cannot thank everyone enough for the encouragement and prayers that helped us get finished in time to present and amazing VBS at Celebration Church!

The mask begins the painting process with a base coat and shadows and highlights.
Delighful help from the youth so eager to learn!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Chase is On!

     This one was really fun to paint! Lots of movement and action featuring Marlin and baitfish, this painting measures 2ft x 4ft. I still the love the aspect of one a day paintings becasue it has made me a better painter. I can also keep my pricing reasonable for collectors.

     This Friday I am part of a show at Eastern Shore Art Center for instructors teaching in the fall. The two paintings I chose to show are both one a day paintings. "Jamaican Dreams" and "Schiells Obsessioni" are both 16 x 40 and both are done in acrylic. Melinda tells me there are at least two people signed up for the one a day class. I am excited to present this fun way to improve your hand at painting! I am also scheduled to do a demonstration at the Art Center on Oak avenue on August 14th in the early afternoon. I am looking forward to showing people that it is possible to complete a beautiful piece of art in one afternoon.

     That being said, I am currently in the middle of one of the biggest art projects so far for Celebration Church. I am in charge of set design for the Vacation Bible School starting next week! The  timeline is tight with thousands of leaves placed on massive trees in a rainforest. There are backdrops of jungle to paint, signage, props to make or borrow, a talking mayan mask, a plane, and a bird large enough to swallow people! It has challenged my design skills, my engineering skills and my painting skills on levels not seen since set designs for theatre. Mrs Lois Jean Delaney would be proud! (She was my teacher in high school for speech and theatre) She was also instrumental in encouraging me until I became a member of the international Thespian Society and receiving a best supporting actress award at a state competition. I really miss her and her quiet ways, It has also brought to mind Mrs Daniels, (California) as well as Tom Gray and Fred Baldwin from Joe Jefferson Playhouse, and Tom Perez from South of the Saltline Theatre.  Oh the memories of Theatre!

The chase is on! 2ft x 4ft Acrylic on canvas~Currently showing at my facebook page and at Fairhope Connections (7 Section Street, Fairhope, Al) during artwalk this friday August 3rd from 6-9pm

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

     "Big Blue" What can I say, my neighbor brought over a bunch of crabs (live ones) and I said thanks so much! I then had the quandry of what to do with them! I had a meeting later that afternoon in Mobile so time was of great importance. I frantically set up the camera and choose a few to take pictures of before throwing them into the boiling water and icing them down. Obviously, this girl was not happy with her situation in life. I had one ticked off crab on my hands trying to run away and me chasing her with the camera. She would go into the sun, out of the sun, turn her back on me, clam up and alternately throw her claws toward me in a frantic effort to stay in this world.
     She lives on now, forever captured on canvas!
"Big Blue" 8 x 24 Acrylic on canvas day 25 of the 100 paintings

     Recently, I had people inquiring as to why I don't do color. It is not that I don't DO color it is that the Sepias are by far my best sellers. Another question was where are the Fish in the middle of all the pelicans, crabs, turtles, and shells? Rest assured though, the color  and the fish are forthcoming! I love the new series of color on white canvas. Hmmmm is there something new here?

Yellowfin Tuna 12 x 24 Acrylic on canvas day 26~100 days

     I could not stand it! I had to do the Tuna in Sepia!
Tuna Study 4 x 12 Acrylic on canvas day 27~100 days

     While I was at it, I did a sepia Redfish too!
Redfish Study 4 x 12 Acrylic on canvas day 28~100 days

     Redfish came about with all the lovely pictures in the paper of grinning folks holding large Red Fish. I also recently did a remark on a Shrimpboat print for a gentleman that wanted them in the water under the boat. I loved the compostition of the fish in the water so look for that painting soon!

     These paintings are all available at Farihope Connections, 7 Section Street, Fairhope, Alabama First Friday Artwlk this coming Friday August 3rd from 5:30 till 8:30~Ann Calagaz is the featured artist, but I still have my own space in the back room!

      In the meantime, I am working hard for Vacation Bible school at Celebration Church painting sets for the Rainforest. Those will soon become one a day paintings as well!

"Redfish" 12 x 24 Acrylic on canvas