Monday, August 27, 2012

The Returning Beggar

     This is the third in the bird series from Coya Costa. I want to go there again because the island was absolutely filled with animals so happy in their pristine environment. Coya Costa island is so beautiful and the animal species numerous to say the least. The Sand Dollar we found was huge and a brilliant reddish purple. I had never seen a live one that large or that deep in color. The whelks we found that were live were beautiful as well. We put the live shells back into the water so they could live for another day. Much to my dismay, the sand dollar we had found was located by a family that excitedly added it to their growing shell collection on the beach. Chris and I knew not to keep live specimens, but apparently this family was either ignorant or uninformed. At least I hope it was one of those and not that they did not care about the environment.

          Note to visitors~ please read the instructions offered by the State and National Parks. No live species are to be removed from the parks! This not to make your life miserable, but to keep native species alive for the next generation. No shell, creature, plant or rock is worth going to jail over or paying a fine because you wanted that memory from your vacation. Take only pictures~leave only footprints. Then the Coya Costas of our beautiful country will be there for our future generations.

       This little guy is not so little. I loved painting these birds larger than life size. It also makes them easier to paint! 'The Returning Beggar' 12 x 24 acrylic on canvas.

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