Thursday, August 23, 2012


   I really want to see a "boil" one day. The sight of baby turtles escaping their nest  I have been told is quite a sight. They sometimes hatch at night so there is quite frequently a turtle sitter watching all night long. If they are born at night, the lighting has to be just right so that the babies don't get confused and go inland rather than to the sea. People who live nearby have to shield their lighting outside and probably their windows as well. Night is probably better for the little ones as far as predators go. There are lots of other creatures that think baby turtles are delicious. If they are born during the day, the seagulls are the primary threat. Either way, it's a miracle any of them survive at all!

   I am pleased to report that the Fall show schedule is firmly in place. I have the Jubilee Show in Daphne,Al the last week of September. The first weekend of October is the Grand Festival, this year being held Friday and Saturday, with the artists encouraged to stay open during the evening Artwalk on Friday night. There will be multiple birders there as well as the Birdfest will be in full swing. The second full weekend finds me in Gulf Shores, Al. Thursday , Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be at the National Shrimp Festival. We then have a two week break before Peter Anderson in Ocean Springs, MS the first weekend in November. I am tired just writing about it! I am fortunate in that I have only had one show that did not make expenses. One never knows how these shows will go, profitable or not we will be loaded up and ready to go!

Baby 12 x 12 Acrylic on canvas

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