Wednesday, August 22, 2012


    On top of the schedule that I keep with teaching and the 100 days I now have a new car with a bit of a problem. The drivers seat has a motors that are supposed to let it go up and down and back and forth. This car seem to have a problem with the operation of the seat. After taking it to the dealership to get a new key, I found out that it was still under warranty until next May. Delighted, I asked about the seat. It would go back and forth, but not up and down. After three hours, they replaced the motor and I drove home happily, with a seat that could adjust properly.

      Within two hours, it had quit working up and down. When Chris tried it, the seat would now not go back and forth either! It was stuck in the forward position with my knee hitting the steering column.

      Back to the dealership today, my daughter picked me up and I worked with her at the Mobile house for a few hours. We got a call 4 hours later, telling me that the problem was a simple unplugging of the motor caused by the seat. It was fixed they said, but when I looked inside, I noticed a piece of broken plastic that looked like a tab or clip. Simple, the  guy said, lets just snap it back into place. Okay,snapped into place, off to the art store. At the Art store, it popped out of place again! Now I was worried that the seat would be affected!

     Back to the dealership to point out the problem. Yes I agree, that could be a problem, got a few minutes so we can replace it? Sure I said grabbing my paint bag out of the car. 30 minutes later, no part available to replace in my color.

     Ordering part, can you come back tomorrow? Not easily I thought, but I said yes to coming back.

     Meanwhile the seat has stopped going down again. 120 miles and counting.......................

     Thank the  good Lord I brought the paint bag, otherwise I might have a lot more upset because I would be thinking about what I could be doing in my studio! Instead, I can happily paint away while the minutes and hours tick by. The good news is, I finished my painting a day for today and can post the one for yesterday as well.

     The bad news is, I have to go back to the dealership again and the dachshunds are threatening a revolt or at the very least, a minor skirmish with the blanket they sleep on!

"Swimming" top painting 12 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas "Swimmingly" bottom painting 12 x 16 Acrylic on canvas


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