Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fish Series

                 This grouper study is on the block for August 10th.day 38 of the 100 days. I always enjoy the sepias and this one was very easy to do. I did a series of 4 of the big game fish with one in sepia and the larger in color. The men really love the sepias because of the quality of them looking like drawings. The white background allows them to go anywhere!

Grouper Study 4 x 12 acrylic on canvas~available at Fairhope Connections in Fairhope, Alabama

                  This grouper was very fun to paint and I love the neutral colors. The Grouper is  on canvas and is a 12 x 24 acrylic. The fish series has been fun so far with several fish swimming away with the days flying by in rapid procession. I have no problem this year getting the paintings done, but the blogging...........................everything gets in the way!

 "Grouper" 12 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas

     This study for the Mahi Mahi was interesting to say the least! These fish are so colorful and to translate that into sepia was a challenge. I still enjoyed painting him though! This painting represents day 40 of the 100 days.

"Mahi Study" 4 x 12 Sepia acrylic on canvas

     When we first came back to Mobile in 1976 I was introduced to this fish. But, when we came home, people kept talking about eating Dolphin! Imagine if you will, in my teenage mind they were eating Flipper! I would always refuse to eat this fish, being ignorant of the reality. I don't know why they are called Dolphin so when I found the name was also Mahi Mahi, I much preferred THAT name. I then tried this fish and found it to be quite delicious! My husband and I have found the best place for fried Mahi Mahi at the Market by the Bay. Having grown up in a family that fished a lot and ate a great deal of fish for dinner, I usually will try anything. But Dolphin?

 Mahi Mahi! 12 x 24 Acrylic on canvas. Day 41 of the 100 days~100 paintings.

     Those of you that know me, also know I spent a bit of time in the Phillipines while my father was in the service. We would go diving at Subic bay (the Naval Base I think) and it was a popular spot for diving. We would spend all day and sometimes the weekend. During those times, my parents were  collecting shells and placing them in the ant bed at the back of the house we lived in at the time. I have shells from that time period and have used them in paintings several times. I still collect them and finding them is always a pleasure. This conch shell was one I purchased from a vendor in Montego Bay Jamica several years ago, carefully packing it in my luggage on the trip home.

"Conch" 6 x 6 Acrylic on canvas, day 42 of the 100 days

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