Saturday, August 19, 2017

Murex switched

Today's painting may look familiar, it is a reversed view of the first murex. Today found us taking a lovely carriage ride through central park. We headed back to the hotel to rest up for tonight's festivities.  Christina's show is tonight at Agora Gallery. She has two pieces in the show and I sincerely hope they sell. So excited for her and her accomplishments!
Murex reverse, Acrylic on canvas 6x6
Day 48 of the 100 days-100 paintings

Friday, August 18, 2017

Lettered Olive

Today found us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I actually got to stand close to Van Goghs Starry Night. It is much brighter than any photo I've seen!  Picasso's Three Musicians, Wyeth's Christina's world, Andy Warhol's Campbell soup cans, Henri Matisse's Dance I, Piet Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie, as well as an exhibition of Frank Lloyd Wright. I chose not to take photos or selfies and just take in the breathtaking examples of beautiful art from artists I have heard about and taught from for years! I also saw a lot of questionably strange recycled modern art including a piece of paper that the artist had used a months worth of time and 40 erasers to remove his drawing. He then kept it for 2 years before someone bought it! (He's famous so I'm not mentioning a name. Not Warhol!)
Today's post is more my speed. This summer I was called a contemporary artist and it really sounded strange in reference to myself. I  love creating and hope no one ever does not relate or understand my life's work. I just know I need to connect my art to something people will relate to, like conservation.
I did learn one thing today, I  still don't understand the modern art movement.
Lettered Olive, Acrylic on canvas 6x6
Day 47 of the 100 days-100 paintings

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Murex back

Today brought us a long day of walking and talking together while here in NYC. We went to the top of the One World tower giving us sweeping and beautiful views of the entire city. I was not as affected by the height as I thought I would be. We finished our tour quietly, by walking to the 911 memorial. It is a quiet place, with people being mostly respectful for the most part. I myself said a silent prayer for one of my friends that lost a son in the attacks. We shopped, ate pizza in a fabulous row of restaurants that reminded me of Germany. We then found coffee before embarking on the Staten Island ferry at night.  I can only hope the photos do justice to the sights that my eyes and brain stored in my memories.
Today's painting is a starfish, reminding us to hold fast, travel slowly, and eat well.
Murex back , acrylic on canvas,
Day 46 of the 100 days-100 paintings.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Starfish dance

Today found us joyfully greeting the Banerjees from India! I always enjoy the chance to see my Son in la and his s parents.   We have plans for tomorrow,  but after settling them inro their room for some rest, we quietly left.  The girls and I went to the statue of liberty and Ellis island. It was an adventure that lasted all day in the heat and sun! Joyful, wonderful time spent with my girls being just us.
Another day, another painting, another starfish to add to the collection! All told, there are 12 she'll paintings in this series
Starfish dance, Acrylic on canvas,
Day 45 of the 100 days 100 paintings . 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sand Dollar

This day brought us going on a fun ride touring the highlights of the city. We did this after we had lunch at The counter. This was a wonderful restaurant with burgers and salads. They had the gluten free menu we needed for my oldest. So many memories made today!
Love and Laughter abounds here.

Sand dollars are found on our beaches here. They are usually on the small side though. We also typically find them in the early part of the summer. So many shades of browns, tans, and greens.

Sand Dollar, Acrylic on canvas 6x6
Day 44 of the 100 days- 100 paintings 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017

Starfish movement

I would have adored being a starfish today. (with the exception of possibly being eaten). Starfish move relatively slow, with deliberate , beautiful, movements.   I love to watch them underwater gently pulling themselves along the bottom.
We really did not starfish today! Our day began with an Uber ride to the Guggenheim museum. It is a beautiful building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Not for the faint of heart, (the atrium is wide open every story and I am a little fearful of heights.) The collection was varied, lots of Picassos, Chagalls, a monet and several other impressionists. I also saw one Pollack.  It was wonderful to see the girls quietly going from one piece to the next. We also had a delightful lunch at the Wright cafe. The rest of the day was spent going into resale and vintage shops. We've all three decided Goodwill is now our favorite place to shop!
Starfish movement, Acrylic on canvas,
Day 43 of the 100 days- 100 paintings

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Queen Scallop

This has been a long, wonderful day spent with my daughter's in New York City. Chris is at home, taking care of our fur babies, while I play. We had a flight from Atlanta this morning and even arrived earlier than expected. We found a taxi after getting our luggage. Then the real adventure began for us! Not only is the President arriving to the tower that bears his name, but there is a parade celebrating the Dominican Republic! Amidst mutterings from our taxi driver, we spent an entire hour dodging and weaving traffic and potholes big enough to lose a small car in. It seemed like every street we tried to use was blocked, either by cars, barriers, or police with attitudes. We finally got to the hotel only to not be able to check in until about 3pm. We checked the luggage and went out into the melee of people. After lunch at olive garden and perusing a couple of stores, we came back to the hotel long enough to drop off purchases and then go to dinner. We then spent several hours wandering the area, going to the Carlo's bakery. We then actually caught a live street show (with a little hustle thrown in!). We also found a gentleman with groceries from whole foods. Eight blocks later across from Bryant Park we had some small amount of groceries for us too!
Just what does this have to do with a queen scallop? This day brought back a flood of memories about my mother and our yearly trips to a National women's convention. One year I made Queen scallop earrings and necklaces for the officers that went to Tampa.
It also reminds me of this pillow in our hotel room last night. "Travel - the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer."

Queen scallop, acrylic on canvas
Day 42 of the 100 days-100 paintings