Friday, October 7, 2016




Whoa is right, Too many days to post here! I have been painting daily, with no end to the creativity in sight! I have been steadily working on a 9 ft x 52 ft mural. Mural completed, just needs varnish! 


 Teaching classes with multiple paintings produced in watercolor. (All three classes are in watercolor) I am at the point of trying to mount them on canvas to be able to sell them at shows.


To be sure, there are many days with no complete paintings to show, but large canvases called walls are not easy to complete in a day! I am now holed up in the studio with my beloved shadowbox canvases being completed. It took me two days to stretch, paint white, and start sketching these beauties to bring to the National Shrimp Festival next week. (NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! October 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th!) I have no less than 20 of these canvases that are custom made by my beloved husband of almost 38 years. I stretch them myself here at the Raccoon Retreat Studio, then start the process of painting them. As much as I love them, and with their success at Peter Anderson last year, I hope they do well at Shrimp Festival. I am also bringing turtle and hopefully shrimp ornaments for sale at the shows.


"Lionfish I"

"Lionfish II"

"Kraken, no Octopus!"

Kraken, Silence, Beauties, are all three 24 x 24 shadowbox canvases with a 12x12 opening. 
Lionfish I & II are 16 x 16 Shadowbox canvases with a 6x6 opening.
All are deep edge and custom made here in Fairhope, Alabama!
24x24 are $295, 16x16 are $155 each

Friday, September 2, 2016

Way too many days!

"Just Beachy"

Way too many days to post individually. Things have been hopping around here with paintings, commissions, and turtle hatchlings. (more on the turtles later!)
Just beachy is an oil painting made from leftover paint for a client. I don't paint in oil often, because I find I get nasal issues afterward. I love the feel of oils though, may be I'll paint them outside!

"Can we talk?"

Our crabs here on the gulf coast are beautiful and tasty! I am sure they would love to discuss themselves becoming dinner, but I'm too hungry!
 This piece is a four piece painting taking 4 days to paint of course!
It is on 4~12 x 12 canvases.


While not a painting, this design is for our new Gypsy wagon camper we are building for an extended road trip next year after Chris retires. We have long discussed building another camper and this one will be a beauty when finished. This is the color scheme Chris wants, although I think I would rather have all white trim rather than the wood. The bottom is corrugated metal, with plywood sides and battens added for interest. My hope is the front door will have dachshund cutouts. Our windows will be hand built, with plexiglass instead of glass. I have worked hard on the inside design as well, but it is still a work in progress. The designs took several days to create with several revisions. We have already purchased our tub for the shower, and I found a beautiful copper bowl for our sink in the bath! More on the camper later.

The Commissions cannot be shown because they are another artists work. They were in a state of disrepair and the owners called the original artist to work on them. The artist declined, telling them they don't do that anymore. I got the works and spent several days to scrape off the faltering paint and finish. Then began careful wire brushing and enamel paint finish. The owners were very happy with their finished pieces and now proudly hung them back in their boat house. 

All told, several days of work, with very little to sell at shows! Kinda Scary considering it is less than 50 days until the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
One of my collectors has now called as well. He wants another Buddha painted in a couple of weeks so he can donate it to a temple in Mobile.
On top of it all, I received a call from a mural design I did a month ago. We are a go on the mural now, starting either today or Tuesday next week! The moral of this story is, be careful what you pray for, you may be given a lot! Not complaining though, this is just what I wanted, a happy art filled life here at the Raccoon Retreat Studio in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama!  

"Just beachy" 12 x 24, Oil on canvas
"Can we talk?" 24 x 24, Acrylic on 4 canvases
"Wagon" Colored pencil on Cardstock design for camper 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Don't lose my number Buddy"

Our sunsets here in Fairhope are amazing, needless to say!
Even our four legged friends take pause and watch. Painted from a photo a friend took of her own pooch while he was sitting on the rocks watching the bay. He truly is her "buddy" and she loves him very much! Painted with permission, but my painting does not even come close to doing the clouds justice!

"Don't lose my number Buddy" 10 x 20 Oil on canvas
Day 44 of the 100 days~100 paintings

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Two for one!

Today's post has two paintings because I did not post yesterday. Time got away from me and I went to bed simply forgetting to post the Crab from Monday.

  The painting for today is a small sea turtle. We have record numbers of sea turtle nests this year. This is thanks in part I am sure to the leave only footprints program which started this spring. Our turtle walks are much more pleasant, with only small amounts of garbage and no equipment to haul out of the water because the tide has overtaken the stuff left on the beach overnight. I have had to dig out shower curtains, partially buried for personal swimming pools. Beach chairs, broken floats, beach toys and so much other stuff! Grateful for this new program on the beach. This morning found another nest in our section of the beach that we patrol. This nest had to be moved immediately as the tide was threatening to wash over the babies in their newly laid shells. Another one to watch, this one won't hatch until October!

Turtle 6 x 6, Acrylic on canvas,
Blue  Crab 12 x 12 Acrylic on canvas
Days 42 and 43 of the 100 days~100 paintings

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mural watercolor

These two are watercolors for a layout of a possible mural in Daphne. I am so excited to be able to use my talents to help people feel better! This is for a doctors office opening soon. Those who follow me might remember last years mural at the Hyperbaric center here in Fairhope. That mural was half the size! (8 x 24) This one will be 10 x 52 linear feet when completed. 
If I get the contract hopefully!

Reef Mural ,Watercolor, 10 x 52 inches,
Day 41 of the 100 days~100 paintings

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Blue Crab~Male Crab

Today finds me craving crab in my studio and on my easel. I love painting these guys, can't you tell? There will be several during the 100 days because they sell consistently . This Blue is eating size and on a 12 x 12 canvas with a white background.

Blue Crab~Male Crab 12 x 12 Acrylic on canvas
Day 40 of the 100 days~100 paintings 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Archer's Gecko

Archer is my grandson and today is his third birthday! It is so hard to believe he is three years old. I have a tradition of creating a painting on his birthday, so that when he is older and moves out on his own he will have a collection to take with him. The day he was born, I painted a crab while waiting for him to make his grand entrance. I created a turtle for his first birthday, and a lion for his second. All the paintings in the collection will be done in sepia on white backgrounds so they will have a montage of his life when they are put together. 

This little guy was in our bathroom trying to escape the vast quantities of water being dumped on our gulf coast. I photographed him, then removed him to the safety of the large tropical plant on our front porch. It is simply not safe in our house between the bug spray and a pack of dachshunds that take great delight in crunching geckos! Mind you, not eating them, just killing them. Much safer for all concerned.

Any way, Happy Birthday Archer Townes Chavez Price. may you enjoy the artworks when you get older and wiser.

"Archers Gecko" Acrylic on canvas, 3 x 9 inches
Day 38 of the 100 days~100 paintings