Saturday, August 1, 2020

Trio of Turtles

Well, today was another fun filled, packed out day!
Chris awakened me at 6 so I could get my bible readings done early.
We left the house at 7, headed for Chalmette, Louisiana.
In case you're wondering why, my mister had his eye and wallet on a lathe.
You see, he wants to be able to turn bigger bowls, but all the attachments for the Nova were going to cost a pretty penny.
So, Chris being Chris he started hunting online and found a good deal.
The great part is, he sold his Gheenoe,(sp?) kayak.
With that, he bought back the paddle kayaks from a family member and still had money left over.
That money bought the lathe.
He got it for about half of the original cost, and he's already 
oiled and waxed it getting ready for the shop.
He's got a lot of moving round to do, this new baby is big!
He's now got a variable speed, 3 HP motor too!
He's also got to get some wiring done in the shop as well.
This new lathe takes 220.
We arrived back home by 1:30 and unloaded the base from the trailer
 using a come along and a beam in the shop.
We ate lunch and got back at unloading the head stock and tail stock.
Using the come along again, we lifted parts from the bed of the truck
 and slipped them into place on the base.
All put together now!

We work well together as a team, I went along for company because
 I'm sure not going to lift a 500 pound lathe!
Meanwhile, I worked in the studio yesterday and finished the trio of turtles.
It is a large piece, measuring 36 by 60 when screwed together.
I still need to take them apart, and paint the sides.
People love the painted sides, it allows the painting to be spread out some
 while still allowing for a continuous piece.
I am looking forward to it finding a home someday.

I am also pushing to get the book drawings done,
 I only have one more two page spread until finished.
Then the paintings begin!
I can see the finish line!

Tomorrow is another day and another step closer to the finish of the 100 days.
Still praying for Alfred and his family in Africa.
Praying for a family in our area that their son was killed a couple of days ago.
Praying as well, for our East coast in the path of a possible hurricane.
Especially Melbourne, Florida where one of our favorite shows happens in the spring.

Until tomorrow, I bid you goodnight!

Trio of Turtles, Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 60
Day 34 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020