Friday, October 7, 2016




Whoa is right, Too many days to post here! I have been painting daily, with no end to the creativity in sight! I have been steadily working on a 9 ft x 52 ft mural. Mural completed, just needs varnish! 


 Teaching classes with multiple paintings produced in watercolor. (All three classes are in watercolor) I am at the point of trying to mount them on canvas to be able to sell them at shows.


To be sure, there are many days with no complete paintings to show, but large canvases called walls are not easy to complete in a day! I am now holed up in the studio with my beloved shadowbox canvases being completed. It took me two days to stretch, paint white, and start sketching these beauties to bring to the National Shrimp Festival next week. (NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! October 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th!) I have no less than 20 of these canvases that are custom made by my beloved husband of almost 38 years. I stretch them myself here at the Raccoon Retreat Studio, then start the process of painting them. As much as I love them, and with their success at Peter Anderson last year, I hope they do well at Shrimp Festival. I am also bringing turtle and hopefully shrimp ornaments for sale at the shows.


"Lionfish I"

"Lionfish II"

"Kraken, no Octopus!"

Kraken, Silence, Beauties, are all three 24 x 24 shadowbox canvases with a 12x12 opening. 
Lionfish I & II are 16 x 16 Shadowbox canvases with a 6x6 opening.
All are deep edge and custom made here in Fairhope, Alabama!
24x24 are $295, 16x16 are $155 each