Friday, September 30, 2011

Magical Pair~miniature

If this looks too familiar, it is one of the first paintings in this series of 100 days~ 100 paintings. I painted them much larger on day 4, July 8th, 2011.
Painting minature is fun and is becoming easier for me! I love to paint small and these are the sizes that travel well with me and are easy to carry and paint while at shows. Quite frequently, I will sell the one in my lap that I am working on! There is no less detail on the little guys than on the bigger paintings. The smaller ones are just a bigger challenge!
I have several requests for smaller, inexpensive paintings that people can place on an easel, above a doorway, or any small space they chose. My collectors love these small paintings, both for their affordability and ease of travel. They love them because they fit into a suitcase or can be easily shipped.
Day number 88 in the series and I am still having a great time!
Magical Pair~Minature 6 x 12 Acrylic on canvas

Sand Dollar

A special request from a client visting Orange Beach Fairhope Connections. This sand dollar is one of several given to me by my daughter and will be part of a larger painting on down the road. I have also chosen to show the shadowbox frame that is so difficult to get! I buy them from Michaels and paint the unfinished wood in two seperate sessions to give them the sepia effect. The frames are not always in stock and last year, I had to have 35 shipped from California. They are the perfect frame though.
Sand Dollar 12 x 12 in Shadowbox frame Acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The hunt for Mussels

This painting began with our trip to Coya Costa off the coast of Florida in May. I have never seen so many Ibis in one place. They were a delight to watch and photograph. The water off the Florida coast really is this pretty, clear and colorful. The water was too cloudy for snorkeling so I began photographing. I got several shots of this marvelous group of birds in action. They are colorful and bright, active and apparently hungry for mussels. It is a very comical sight seeing them chase each other for the "prize" when one of the birds catches a tasty morsel!
"The hunt for Mussels" acrylic on canvas 16 x 40

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nautilus my Nautilus

Todays entry is a request by a woamn at the Jubliee show last weekend. Her college days spent in a "new" house for the sorority group she was in has a Nautilus as it's symbol. It is their tenth anniversary and the alumni are redecorating the house for the girls living there now. She asked if I could paint one larger for the common area when she saw the sepia nautilus that was only 12 inches. She also wanted it in color. I told her I would have it completed by Grand Festival in Fairhope October 8th and 9th.
This painting completes day 85 of the 100 days and I am still loving every minute of the process!
Nautilus my Nautilus Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 30

Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's play who's got the mussel?

Todays entry is number 84!
This group of birds was fun to watch! When they are on the beach, and the waves are coming in, there is an almost endless supply of their food source found in mussels. They follow the waves after they come in dipping and diving their beaks deep into the sand, hunting........ Finally, one of them is successful and comes up with his prize! Too late! the others have spotted the mussel in his beak and the race is on. They scramble and chase, trying to get the tasty morsel that this bird worked so hard to snatch from the waves. I never was able to see if they remove the mussel from the shell, or swallow it whole.
Soon everyone is back to the water, dipping and plucking from the waters their hard earned prizes.
"Let's play who's got the mussel?" 10 x 10 acrylic on canvas

I'll go my way.....

"I'll go my way....." is the companion pice to "You go your way". These birds are incredibly beautiful and I really can't wait to paint them in color! With their red legs and faces ending in a black beak, they are a study in crisp, pure color. When I them to the clean, clear, Florida waters off the coast of Coya Costa, I am certain that there will be a lovely painting produced. I was amazed at the amount of these birds just hanging out together and hunting for mussels in the crashing waves. The flock was no less than 15 birds although they moved so much I will have to count them using my photos. I was able to get several great shots of them on the beach and in the water. I look forward to putting brush to canvas and seeing what comes out! This painting catches me up for the weekend! Number 83 in the series of 100 days~100 paintings.
"I'll go my way....." 6 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas

You go your way.......

Named "You go your way...." because when one of the birds would turn, they would all eventually follow. These Ibis were so beautiful to watch! I had never seen them with more than one or two at a time and here was an entire flock of them. I also had never seen them surf fishing. Well, surf musseling at least. These guys were virtually unaffected by the people on the beach. They would simply walk away because they did not want to be seperated from their quest for fresh mussels. It was such a delight to see them dipping, diving and going back and forth in their hurried hunt for seafood! This flock feels right at home on Coya Costa Island off the coast of Florida. Only accessible by boat, it is well worth the trip to see the vast assortment of birds, shells, turtle nests, and fish that call the island home.
You go your way....6 x 12 acrylic on canvas

Friday, September 23, 2011

Terns Turn!

I am always surprised by the behavior of these funny little birds. Sandpipers find their way into several of my paintings, together and seperately. This guy was the brave little fellow that came within inches of my sandwich while begging. He never even hesitated picking up the small pieces of bread tossed to his eager beak. The only time he would move was if I moved too suddenly while trying to photograph him in such close quarters. I really enjoyed his visit! This painting is number 81-It hardly seems I have started at all!
Terns Turn! 10 x 10 Acrylic on canvas

Long legs = Fast bird!

Have you ever noticed how the shore birds always seem to run away from you on the beach? This guy was no exception on Costa Coya. While a little less wary than our birds in Gulf Shores, Alabama he still kept a close eye on me as I walked the beach. They are lovely birds to look at with beautiful vermiculation on their heads. They also fly quickly when threatened, but not very far because they might miss the next mussel in the waves! This painting is for Thursday and marks number 80 in the 100 days!
This weekend he will be at the Jubilee Festival in Daphne, Alabama Come and see 10-5 Saturday and Sunday September 24th &25th 2011
Long Legs = Fast Bird! 10 x 10 Acrylic on canvas

Free to be Me!

Turtles are always going to be a favorite of mine to paint, and this one was just plain fun! I really enjoy their expressions and those beautiful all knowing eyes. I once had a turtle follow me at an aquarium and I don't know if he felt Iwould not hurt him or if I looked like one of his handlers! One of my goals in life is to go to the beach in Hawaii where the turtles swim ashore. I want to lay in the water with them and photograph!
Free to be me! 6 x 12 Acrylic on canvas

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catch of the Day

Crabs are always a favorite of mine to paint. Catch of the Day was the result of my neighbor bringing me a mess of crabs to my kitchen one fall afternoon. I put them on the dock in a large container. love the colors on these animals, they never cease to fascinate me. This painting catches me up to present on the series for 100 days.
Catch of the Day 20 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas

Gliding Along

Another of the series of Turtles passes beneath my brush. We went o the Turtle Hspital in Marathon, Florida this past spring in May. I really enjoyed that trip, camping and photographing the vast areas and animals of Florida. This one was painted while on the cruise as well, sitting by the pool in the bright sunshine.
Gliding Along 6 x 6 Acrylic on canvas

A different Point of view

This turtle was being held when I snapped this picture of the green turtle baby. Thus the different point of view. He was fun to paint! This one was painted on the cruise as well number 76 of 100 days for September 18th entry.
A Different Point of View 6 x 6 acrylic on canvas

I'm ready for my close up!

This turtle was painted on my recent cruise. I find painting while on vacation relaxing and plan on continuing to do so at every opportunity! This guy was another of the turtle at the hspital in Marathon, Florida. They do great work there, saving turtles that are injured, have a virus that causes tumors, wrapped up in fishing line, or have a belly ache that is caused by any number of items ingested. They rescue,rehab,release as much as possible.
they are going to carry my cards as a donation in their gift shop as soon as I can get them shipped and sent! This painting is number 75 in the 100 days~100 paintings series. September 17th's entry!
I'm ready for my close up! acrylic on canvas 6 x 12


Joey was one of the residents at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida. The hospital has been there for several decades and is really a great place to visit. Very educational and informative. They have several permanent residents, but Joey was not one of them. He was there long enought to make sure he was healthy and able to forage and feed on his own. In the meantime, he was used as a turtle travler to the schools. Theis little guy obviously loved his handler, following him around the pool as he walked and talked to the tour. He constantly was reaching toward him with his flipper, trying to get out of the pool.
Joey 6 x6 deep edge canvas acrylic

Baby Green

Baby Green is one of the larger paintings. I painted this while working in the church office at Celebration Church. Chris and I found this church online and I think we have found a home for worship and praise. The people are friendly and helpful and the new campus is awesome! If you don't have a church home on the Eastern shore towards Fairhope, consider this one, always a surprise waiting around every corner!
Baby Green 13 x 20 custom made deep edge canvas acrylic

Starfish Study

Starfish Study was painted on the cruise as well. I spent many a happy hour by the pools on deck painting to my hearts content. I am really happiest when I am with my beloved Chris. I missed him while on the cruise he gave me for my birthday. Painting in my studio or out in public comes in a close second. I am getting ready for the fall show season and the paintings are easy to create. The hard part has been stopping long enough to post! I appreciate the patience of the people following the blog, waiting for the next creation to come out of the studio!
Starfish Study 4 x 4 acrylic on canvas

Sand Dollar Study

This is another of the series of studies for a larger painting in the works. I love to paint sand dollars and this one was no different. I painted this one while on my cruise recently.
Sand Dollar Study 4 x 4 acrylic on Canvas

Conch Baby

Conch Baby is basically a repeat of a painting done earlier this series. When I went on a cruise recently, we found a small conch while snorkeling at Cozumel. I love to snorkel, and my new friend, Amy does too! It was delightful seeking out and showing each other the different things we found while in the cool, clear waters off the coast. I spent more time in the water than out while we were there at the resort for the day. The conch we found was only about 5 inches and really clean and pretty. We both took pictures with it and Amy put it into her backpack. She has found a conch on each of her trips to Mexico and I was glad we found it!
Conch Baby 4 x 4 acrylic on canvas

Channel Marker 7

Channel marker 7 is located near the boat dock on the way to Coya Costa, Florida. This guy was chillin out waiting for the day to begin. Our boat ride was early and he was drying out after an early fishing expedition. I love to paint pelicans andI painted this one while on a cruise out of Mobile, Alabama. People are always amazed that I paint while on vacation or at shows. I cannot sit still and do nothing, so I paint! I am surrounded by people reading books and I find it very relaxing. It also gives me the opportunity to talk with people about my websites and blog. I also hand out cards to anyone who asks. I really enjoy talking with the public while I am out and about, so if you happen to find me painting don't hesitate to have a chat!
Channel Marker 7 acrylic on canvas 4 x 12

Pelican with Attitude

This pelican resides on the Fairhope Pier. Chris and I walk the pier frequently as do several residents, tourists, and locals. On any given night, when the fish are biting there may be a couple dozen folks fishing for anything from croakers to white trout. I have even seen a small 3 ft shark brought up from the depths of our Mobile Bay. The fishing techniques vary from cast nets, expensive rods and reels, to bamboo poles. All are effective at bringing in the bounty from the sea.
This guy hangs out hoping for a hand out and the fishermen don't disappoint! Quite frequently he is tossed the smaller catches or bait fish that come in. I have seen him steal bait fish as well from the cast nets that come onto the dock.
Pelican with Attitude 6 x 12 acrylic on canvas

Coya Costa Shorebird

This little guy was rather funny to watch. He snuck up, hoping to cage chips and bits of bread from our lunch. He calls Coya Costa home.
Coya Costa is a state park off the coast of Sandia Island, Florida. It is only accessible by boat and is well worth the trip. Chris and I had several lovely hours basking in the abundant Florida sun, walking the beach, and photographing the many types of birds that reside there. There are cabins on the Island with primitive ammenties and they all were full. I wonder if Chris would be game to go there and stay with our dogs for a while?
This bird was very happy to stay just out of reach, but close enough for me to get really beautiful photos extremely close up. I loved it and the island and I hope to go back for an extended stay.
Coya Costa Shorebird 10 x 10 acrylic on canvas

Herons Flight

Another in the series of heron paintings from the trip to Perdido Key. This large bird was so aggressive in his stance. Confident he would be fed, he did not hesitate to fly to an out of the way piling to get away from people and dogs. He did not leave, just waited for the next opportunity for free fish!
Number 66 of the 100 days ( September 8th)
Herons Flight 6 x 6 acrylic on canvas


The Nautilus shell has always fascinated me. The cruise I went on recently had me loving them again. The inside is a beautiful spiral, starting from the creatures earliest beginnings.
I will alway love painting them! Another in the sepia series, this one is available at Fairhope Connections in downtown Fairhope, Alabama. This painting is a catch up, sorry for the delay on posting for those that are keeping up! Number 65 (September 7th)
Nautilus 4 x 4 acrylic on canvas.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mighty Tiny

I really enjoy painting small interesting little canvases. This shell is larger than life on this canvas. In real life, this shell is only about an inch in size. It is green and speckled with lovely bits of brown and white. The inside is pearled and so pretty to look at.
It is a baby version of a shell I got in the Phillipines when I was about 7 years old. Tony and I were in the boat while my parents were diving. When I was not swimming, Tony would point things out below and sometimes would bring up whatever I had spied. That shell is one of my most vivid memories from that special time in my life. It is still a lovely shade of green and brown and I have the 'door' that the animal had to close it's home. It resides in my studio now. Reminding me of childhood................
Mighty Tiny Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 4 inches Day 64 of 100 days

Monday, September 5, 2011

Starfish Starfish

We are feeling a bit water logged right now as we are still feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Lee. This is the 5th straight day of rain. While we had a deficiency of precepitation around here, I did not want to make it all up in one episode!
Starfish are always a favorite of mine to paint and good thing too! Last year I had no less than 3 seperate people wanting the same painting of a starfish within 10 mins! Some it is just a remembrance, others honeymoon bliss, some just collect them or think they are pretty. I just know my mother and I were both shocked when that happened at the Peter Anderson Show last year.
It has made me firm in my commitment that if I see something I like and want, I purchase it right then and there! I have been disappointed myself when something was not there when I came back to get it.
If you happen to be at one of the shows I am in and see something, ask me to hold it for an hour, I will be happy to oblige! Many was the time I have held something and had others come back to buy it only to find it gone or on hold. I once even had a guy leave his number just in case the first person did not show! Turned out well for him, he got the prize he wanted for his very happy daughter! This painting marks day 63 of the 100 days~100 paintings.
Starfish Starfish Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 4

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Upward Conch

The conch is always a favorite of mine to paint. It is a very interesting shell. I love the spikes on the top that show the growth of the animal inside from a tiny creature to the large shells that they become.
On a trip to Horn Island in 2004 with the Ohr museum I had the pleasure of blowing one of these shells that had been made into a horn. The sound is really beautiful on the beach and it was what we used to call everyone to dinner. You have to 'buzz' into it like a trumpet to make the sound. It is very rich when done properly, not to mention a lot of fun! These little paintings are all available at Fairhope Connection in Fairhope, Alabama.
'Upward Conch' Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 4 $35.00

Downward Conch

One of the things to try in the Keys is Conch. There are advertisements for Conch Fritters on virtually every menu in the keys. My husband and I had never tried them, so when they were offered on a seafood platter we were excited. Let me tell you, they are a workout for your jaws! They are extremely chewy, tough and the flavor was, well just not there for us. Maybe it was the people cooking the conch, but we will never try it again. Now Calamari, that's a whole different story!
Downward Conch Acrylic on canvas 4 x 4

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bubble Shell Front

Even more interesting to paint is the front of the Bubble shell. It has a lot more visual interest because of the opening where the animal used to reside. I really enjoy minature paintings and I hope it shows. This little guy is a part of a series of small paintings that are affordable and fun to hang in tight spaces such as between doorways. This painting is number 60 in the 100 days~100 paintings.
Bubble Shell Front Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 4

Bubble Shell Back

These little shells are a challenge to paint because there is so little color on them. It does not make it any less interesting to put to canvas though! The challenge is magnified by the knowledge that this little guy is on a 4 x 4 canvas! Fairhope Connection has been so supportive of my works ever since I have moved to Fairhope. It is a great little Gallery located at 7 Section Street downtown Fairhope. They are also located in Orange Beach. Helen is a wonderful person to work with as is Joe. We are currently redesigning the store in Fairhope with a new floorplan and more upscale look. I am pleased to say that they are now carrying my sepias as well at the Fairhope store and Orange Beach.
Bubble Shell Back Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 4