Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mighty Tiny

I really enjoy painting small interesting little canvases. This shell is larger than life on this canvas. In real life, this shell is only about an inch in size. It is green and speckled with lovely bits of brown and white. The inside is pearled and so pretty to look at.
It is a baby version of a shell I got in the Phillipines when I was about 7 years old. Tony and I were in the boat while my parents were diving. When I was not swimming, Tony would point things out below and sometimes would bring up whatever I had spied. That shell is one of my most vivid memories from that special time in my life. It is still a lovely shade of green and brown and I have the 'door' that the animal had to close it's home. It resides in my studio now. Reminding me of childhood................
Mighty Tiny Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 4 inches Day 64 of 100 days

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