Sunday, September 4, 2011

Upward Conch

The conch is always a favorite of mine to paint. It is a very interesting shell. I love the spikes on the top that show the growth of the animal inside from a tiny creature to the large shells that they become.
On a trip to Horn Island in 2004 with the Ohr museum I had the pleasure of blowing one of these shells that had been made into a horn. The sound is really beautiful on the beach and it was what we used to call everyone to dinner. You have to 'buzz' into it like a trumpet to make the sound. It is very rich when done properly, not to mention a lot of fun! These little paintings are all available at Fairhope Connection in Fairhope, Alabama.
'Upward Conch' Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 4 $35.00

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