Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shrimp II

     Shrimp II is the last of the 100 days~100 paintings for 2012.This one was painted while at the National Shrimp Festival. I really enjoy painting in public as it is a great conversation starter. Today brought new collectors, old friends and new, and an evening at dinner with other artists. Truly a wonderful day to be an artist!

     I am having a great time at the festival and I am ahead of last years income as well.                        I am so grateful to be allowed to make a living as an artist, something that comes to me as naturally now as breathing. This is the third year I have done the 100 days~100 paintings. It truly has made me more disciplined, a better painter, and faster with the computer and camera! I am also working on pet portraits while at the show and the interest is high about getting them lined up for Christmas. We shall see, how many people follow through with their impulse of picking up a price list.

Shrimp II acrylic on canvas 6 x 12

Friday, October 12, 2012


Shrimp is indeed a "shrimp". While a small 6 x 6 canvas, it has no less impact than a larger painting. I had fun painting this one and how appropriate! I painted it at the National Shrimp Festival!

Shrimp~6 x 6~ acrylic on canvas~ day 99 of the 100 days~100 paintings

Pelican King

Pelican King is one I painted while at the Grand Festival last weekend. The paintings are coming to a close now, the 100 days are almost over, maybe we will move on to new things, dear readers. I will miss the blog if I choose to stop after the 100th piece. But then again, even if I do not create one painting every day, I will still be in the studio creating!

Pelican King~12 x 24~ Acrylic on canvas~day 98 of the 100 days

Sunset Pier

Sunset Pier is the next painting in the series with the Scripts & Strokes group at church. We do a painting a week based on scriptures. This one is from Psalms. I am very happy that I have started working with this wonderful group of people, each week creating something new and wonderful!

Sunset Pier~16 x 20~Acrylic on canvas~day 97 of the 100 days


     This painting is another of the series of shell paintings created for the National Shrimp Festival. It is one of six paintings of shells. I started the new series of colored paintings on white backgrounds and they all have been well received by all. They are so popular in fact, I will create a new series of them as the series of six sold this morning. The woman saw them the night before at the festival, brought her husband the next morning and negotiated a deal that pleased us both!

Starfish~ 12 x 12~acrylic on canvas~day 96 of the 100 days~100 paintings


Those who follow the blog will realize that there was a recent painting of this shell. I traded it for jewelry at the Grand Festival in Fairhope last weekend. Thus, the set was not complete. I also wanted to expand the series so it could be shown with "Jamaican Dreams".

Nautilus~12 x 12~Acrylic on canvas~day 95 of the 100 days

Turtle Blue

     Turtle Blue is yet another piece showing turtles this year. I will never tire of painting them! This week, at the National Shrimp Festival, this has been a real favorite with the crowd!

Turtle Blue~ 13 x 20~Acrylic on canvas~ day 94 of the 100 days

Coya Costa Pathway

     Coya Costa Pathway is another of the one a day paintings done with my class at the Eastern Shore Art Center. My students usually paint 16 x 20's and I will demonstrate on a larger canvas so they can see the techniques to paint more efficiently. My canvas was 24 x 30 ~ 1/3 larger than the students.

Coya Costa Pathway~ 24 x 30 Acrylic on canvas ~Day 93 of the 100 days



     Spiral is the next in the series of shells. This painting was completed just this past week while working at the gallery. Shells always have such a beautiful quality that is timeless.

Spiral~ Acrylic on canvas~12 x 12


     Murex is another of the shell paintings in the series. I am always amazed that shells have such a universal quality and appeal. They never cease to sell quickly!
Murex Acrylic on canvas 12 x 12 day 91 of the 100 days~100 paintings

Fishers of Men

     Come follow me..........This is one of the paintings based on scripture that we are doing at the small group at church. The classes are going very well with everyone having a great time!
Fishers of Men~Matthew 4:19 Acrylic on canvas 16 x 20

Night Glider



Night Glider is another turtle to leave the easel as of recent weeks~ Namely at the National Shrimp Festival, Gulf Shores Alabama. This week is the festival and we are in the swing of it all until Sunday!
Night Glider 6 x 6 Acrylic on canvas day 89 of the 100 days