Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Go big or go home!
I really must use this concept for Peter Anderson in my booth.
I absolutely LOVE it!
The collector is very happy with the results and I also heard my coveted phrase.
"It's better than I imagined!"
I always enjoy hearing that one!
When I sent him a photo, he was ecstatic in his response.
We will deliver it tonight after set up.

Today is set up day!
I adore watching the tents popping up like mushrooms, filling the space with excitement.
There is such an energy there, all the vendors setting up for a rather large party on the Gulf Coast.
If you plan to come down, wear comfortable shoes, and bring an  insulated water bottle.
While it will not be overly warm, but you do need sunscreen as well!
I am so excited!

This completes the 100 days, it has been an adventure as usual hasn't it!
The blog now has over 71,000 hits on it!
I've also been nominated for best artist in Baldwin, voting continues until November 3rd.
I will probably continue for a few days at least, I have multiple canvases awaiting my brush.
There are also 2 more shows after this one, and the shows in Florida after the first of the year.
Christmas and galleries are waiting as well. 
I will be drawing for the winning entry tomorrow morning hopefully.
That's if my brain remembers during the hub bub of the first day at the 
Annual National Shrimp Festival at beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama.

"Completion", Acrylic on multiple canvases, 12 x 12's and 12 x 24's
Day 100 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A Teaser

Tonight a teaser for the finale!
This guy is a 12 x 12 sepia on canvas.
At the Jubilee show, I was approached by a gentleman that had one of my shadowbox turtles
He had a vision for a grouping of paintings to go with his shadowbox.
I could see what he was talking about and we agreed on a price.
After set up tomorrow we deliver the final pieces to go with his turtle.
Because of this sale, Jubilee will no longer be a zero show!
I love the final product!
You however will have to wait until tomorrow!

Day 99!
We set up for the biggest Shrimp party on the Gulf coast tomorrow!
Thursday the show begins.
October 10th~13th 9~6pm
Booth A18

A Teaser, Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12
Day 99 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Monday, October 7, 2019

Sandpiper, sandpiper

Today's painting is a beautiful blend of techniques.
This Ruddy turnstone was amazingly fun.
The poured backgrounds have been terrific this summer into fall and this one is no exception.
I really enjoy working until I can find the right animal to go on each piece.
I photographed this guy while on Coya Costa. (remember the ibis?)
This bird was almost aggressive in his begging techniques.
We were eating lunch when he landed right next to us.
We tossed him bits of bread and it came closer to us.
If I had been able, I could have touched him.
He was so close, I had to lean way back to photograph him multiple times.
So fun to paint too!

Sandpiper, sandpiper, Acrylic on Poured background canvas, 12 x 12
Day 98 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019 

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Wonderful Whales

These two just make me happy!
It is a depiction of that moment when a calf is born and the mother pushes 
it to the surface for it's first breath of air.
Several years ago, I had a painting called "Bonding".
It was a beautiful piece, all in deep blues and grays.
Remember, when I first started painting, my colors were very strong.
So strong in fact that a lot of people would look at my work and say,
"I don't know if that color would go on my wall".
I became frustrated, literally pounding my head against the back of the tent while at a show.
I asked God what am I doing wrong?
God said you're doing nothing wrong, just go more neutral.
You see, this was before the days of Chip and Joanna Gaines.
The "Neutral" movement with furniture, walls, and accessories had not really started yet.
That's the year the sepias began.
That's the year my oldest daughter said "Mom I don't know if I like that. It's just not you."
I said let's give this a chance.
That series is still going strong 10 years later!
They have grown of course, to include shadowbox canvas and multiple canvas pieces.
It really helps to pay attention when God speaks!
I love listening for his voice on an hourly basis.
I'm asking, what would you have me do Lord?
Then I listen.
I pray a lot while I'm painting as well.
I love it when God speaks!

Anyway, this painting, was called "Bonding."
It depicted the protection of the mother and her calf.
I had it at a show in Mississippi, and a woman came into my booth.
She said "I was Wylands secretary for many years, and I just had to tell you, when I saw this painting I thought it was one of his."
Wyland, when I first started painting was one of the artists that inspired me.
So many years later, I now have peace with color, my color is more peaceful as well.
I still love painting in color, as you have seen these past weeks and months.
The sepias are still my favorite though!

We've had a wonderful day here at the Raccoon Retreat Studio.
Gypsy Gal pulled out of our driveway early this morning and is now safely at her new home.
We went to church and our souls were filled with a great sermon.
Chris worked in his studio and I helped make fidget pillows for seniors at the ESAC.
We also delivered a table to the someone from church.
A busy day indeed!

Wonderful Whales, Acrylic on poured background canvas, 4 x 12 inches
Day 97 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Orinoco Flow

My artist friend Alfred from Zimbabwe actually named this one.
When he saw the photo he said it reminded him of the song Orinoco Flow by Enya.
It does have a sail away, sail away quality to the painting.
So much of a pleasure to create, it had it's problems.
When I began, painting, Chris said the Dolphin was too small.
I agreed and enlarged it by a full third.
I also enlarged the tail quite a bit.
I love how it flows together with the poured background.

I've been working on a commission piece for a collector that wants additional 
pieces to go with his shadowbox turtle.
It will be a spectacular work of art when they are all in place.
He has an original 24 x 24 and wants to add 2 12 x 12's , and 3 12 x 24's.
The reef pieces are coming along great, and the turtles are beautiful.
I will post them as soon as they are done.
The total artworks will measure 50 inches wide by 38 inches tall when complete.

Other than that happening in the studio....
We sold Gypsy Gal today.
She is going home to a delightful couple in North Alabama.
They are spending the night here, after a delicious meal and a hot shower.
We invited them to spend the night after a six hour trip turned into almost 9 because of traffic.
She is going to a great home, and I know she'll have many happy hours with them!
I look forward to seeing their adventures.

Orinoco Flow, Acrylic on Poured background, 20 x 20 inches
Day 96 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Friday, October 4, 2019

Ibis III

Happy World Teachers day to all my teacher friends!

Ibis III was indeed a visit to our past trip to the Florida coast.
These beautiful birds were so unafraid of humans, so plentiful, and just plain fun to watch!
I enjoyed photographing them, and now painting them!

Today brought us together working on a table for friends at church.
My husband called it finished, but I pushed him a little into varnishing it one more time.
We sanded together, then pushed the polyurethane back and forth, achieving a beautiful glow.
This table is rather large and is meant for outdoor meals at their home on the river.
I hope they enjoy the fruits of his labors for years to come!
I know I would love one!

Meanwhile, the Gypsy Gal may be going to a new home tomorrow in North Alabama.
The couple is well aware of the weight, and the need for a large vehicle to pull it.
We sent them the video that the wonderful 
Richard Sites put up on youtube about her back in January.
The woman fell in love instantly.
I hope they are committed, they are driving 6 hours to pick her up Saturday afternoon.
I will be sad to see her go, but go she must.
Chris traded the truck that could pull her during the summer for a smaller Toyota.
We spent many a happy hour in the Gypsy Gal!

We now have Calypso and I am totally in love with her now.
Calypso is easy to pull with our Dodge Grand Caravan.
For those of you that don't know, Calypso is our vintage 1984 UHaul 
camper Chris found while walking the dogs back in January of this year.
I was in India visiting our daughter at the time and Chris was uncertain of getting it or not.
Through multiple texts back and forth.
Is the weight right? Yes.
Is the price right? Yes.
Can my van pull it? Yes
Can you repair what is needed to be repaired? Yes
Do you like it? Yes
Then what is the question?
I want you to see it first.
I told him, I trust your judgement, and if you think it's good for us, then get it.
Turns out there was a LOT more work involved than we originally thought.
The trailer was trashed in a lot of places.
Questionable repairs, a too large air conditioner, and hole where there should not be holes.
He ended up removing the camper from the trailer, then welding, blasting and replacing parts.
He then put it back on the trailer, and the fiberglass began.
That was a whole new learning curve.
Anyway, after lots of hard work we have a vintage camper that is so cute and coastal.
We are using it next week for the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
I'm sure there will be lots of talk in the campground about her.

Speaking of Shrimp Festival, I got my booth assignment today!
I'm still on the main aisle coming into the show on the parking lot.
While the forecast is for rain chances, at least we don't have a hurricane charging the Gulf Coast.
My booth number is A18
I can hardly wait!

Ibis III, Acrylic on poured background, 4 x 12 inches
Day 95 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Ibis II

Ibis II brings me one day closer to the Annual National Shrimp Festival 
down at Gulf Shores, Alabama.
The weekend is looking like the possibility of rain in some spots, 
but probably not an all day wash out.
We will be putting up the tent we lovingly call "The Beast".
It is the second tent ever made by the Showoff company back in the late 80's.
The company was a merger between an aerospace engineer and an awning company.
The first tent was made for the engineer's wife, the second for her friend.
I got the tent from the friend several years ago.
She had used it for shows for several years and was getting out and needed to sell.
The tent is built from aluminum and is lightweight and easy to set up.
I have also owned a Flourish, but it was heavy, heavy.
I sold my Flourish, after I got the Showoff.
We have put the poles into a golf bag, as it makes carrying them easier.
I can carry almost the entire tent pole system in the golf bag.
Anyway, we call it "The Beast" because it has so many parts and pieces.
There are no less than  7 legs if you put up a french wall.
There are also stabilizing bars for the bottom.
Bars for the top and sides and a 5th one for the french wall.
Then there's the roof pipes in several pieces, we added even more when Chris built a system of PVC pipe that holds the roof taut, preventing leaks and puddles.
A roof with a sky light.
Four vinyl walls.
Four large 45 pound weights.
Sometimes we bring the bag weights as well.
Four covered walls for us to choose from, if we want a french wall or not.
We also have chairs, a wooden business center surround, flags, decorations, business roll around case that carries hooks, cards, shopping bags, tools, price tags, straps for the weights, stakes, baby wipes, and too much other stuff to mention!
Needless to say, it's a LOT of stuff to carry.
When we go out of town we carry an extra pop up tent in case something happens to the big one.
We learned that lesson here in Fairhope when The Beast was damaged during a storm that hit the night of set up a few years back.
We've carried an extra tent ever since. 
Then there is the artwork in a system of bags that I've purchased over the years.
We also added a platform made from shelving, making it easier to load the tents, chairs, business table, and weights.
We then have a cooler, clothes, food, snacks, and drinks.
Although sometimes we buy the food after we get to the show city.

Why do I tell you this?
Because it's not all sitting in our studio, raking in cash from sales.
It's a lot of sleepless nights caused by ideas that will not be quiet, concerns about not remembering to pack something, last minute varnishing before we leave, and packing an 
art bag of projects to do at the show.
Sometimes the shows are so slow, I can paint quite a bit unfortunately.
Artists carry lots of heavy equipment, and sometimes heavy thoughts about their works.
We also have to plan months in advance, I currently have entries for shows for May of next year.
I have campgrounds booked for two shows in Florida in late April and the first weekend of May.
They are already paid in full because that is what is required.
So it's a lot we go through to present ourselves before you, the collector even go to the shows.
Know an artist?
Tell them you know how hard they work and you appreciate their efforts.

Today found me laying out a project involving multiple pieces to go 
with a painting purchased a few years back.
He has his turtle, he now wants 5 other canvases set up in a 
particular way to surround the original piece.
He is excited to see them, and so am I!
Meanwhile I paint......

Ibis II, Acrylic on poured background, 4 x 12 inches
Day 94 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ibis I

Day one of the Ibis.
A few years back we took a wonderful trip to Florida.
On the West coast of Florida is the beautiful place called Sandia Island.
It is supposed to be one of the best shelling experiences in the country.
It did not disappoint me at all.
While I did not find a lot of different shells, I did find the Queen Scallops I needed for a project.
I needed a lot of Queen scallops as I was making necklace and earring sets for about 20 women.
I found what I needed and much more shells than I can ever describe in one post. 

On to the Ibis....
We took a ferry to the island of Coya Costa off the coast of Sandia.
It is a beautiful place, with primitive camping for the brave.
We may have to try it sometime.
What fascinated me was the Ibis.
Normally an elusive bird, they melt into the mangroves at the sight of humans.
However, on the Gulf of Mexico and a beautiful pristine beach there were dozens everywhere.
I've never seen so many Ibis in one area.
I took dozens of photos with my digital camera.
The advantage is that I did not have to print them all, but could look at them on the computer.
Digital is wonderful that way.
These birds were unafraid of humans, running in front of women walking along the beach.
They were also playing in the surf, dipping in the water with their beaks searching for mussels.
When a bird finally got one, the fights ensued with lots of squawking, nipping, and finally taking flight.
It was quite the spectacle and one I hope I don't forget!

Ibis I, Acrylic on poured canvas, 4 x 12 inches
Day 93 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Scarecrows and turtles

We had so much fun last night creating these!
Scripts & Strokes is really humming.
The wood pieces were from the roll around produce carts from Winn Dixie.
 AND I used my new roll around to put my sander on, which gave me an easier level for sanding.
54 pieces of wood for the snowman and scarecrows, they are reversible! 
Then 54 bases from scraps in the barn.
We found homes for all the pieces but 2 sets out of the 54.

This piece took some thinking, measuring, careful planning and the painting!
Composed of 2 8x8 canvases and one 10x10 in the middle.
The background they are screwed upon is recycled stretcher bars with a thin piece of wood for the front.
I painted the front first in a custom mixed ocean blue.
I then played around with the canvas placement and that required a lot of measuring.
I can tell you, it made me extremely nervous to screw the canvases from the back.
I then transferred the drawings and painted them!

Chris got a wonderful gift today!
An entire room full of Cypress and Pine lumber , milled from over 100 year old wood!
He is one happy camper.
His shop is full of wood, and we rescued a cabinet from the side of the road.
We gifted the cabinet to a friend that gladly took it into her home.
Working together, side by side, me and Chris!
I love living here in Fairhope, Alabama!

Turtle trio, Acrylic on wood panel, with canvas and frame, 14 x 30 inches
Days 90 & 91 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Sunday, September 29, 2019


I love painting these seemingly whimsical creatures
This one was a challenge though, as I had to draw the outline, fill it in with lighter colored paint, then transfer the details.
Not too difficult, but time consuming for sure!

Well now on to the show results.
Another long day in the heat that is our Southern Alabama in September.
I was optimistic this morning when we opened the tent for day two of the show.
By 9 am there were people already walking the venue before church. 
We set up an awning out front of the tent, in an effort o cut down on the heat. 
We also put a fan up in the roof blowing downward.
The fan did surprisingly well, while it was not cool in the tent, it was cooler than in the sun.
The sun itself was in and out today and there was a nice breeze.
Overall, beautiful weather in spite of the heat.
The ice cream vendors did booming sales this weekend.

Me not so much.
I have had my first (and hopefully only!) 
ZERO, (yes $0.00!) show.
This has been about 20 years in the making folks.
Am I disappointed, yes.
Am I devastated, no.
I am confident of my pricing, painting, and preparations for shows. 

God has great things in store for me.
 I just have to have patience.
Patience that God will take care of me in his own due time.
I just have to be persistent and consistent.
Persistent in creating and consistent in my quality.
I also must become more humble of my talents that he has bestowed upon me.
I must remember that God has always provided for me.
Then, God will open the storehouse for me!
I am blessed, not stressed.
On to the next show!
National Shrimp Festival in Gulf shores, Alabama
October 10th -13th

Seahorse, Acrylic on poured background, 10 x 20 inches
Day 90 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Mystical Mermaid IV & V

Mystical Mermaids indeed!
Our day yesterday was rather hectic, so I was just too tired to post.
It started with us getting breakfast and walking the dogs for 30 minutes.
Once home, we kept pups inside and moved the van to the barn.
We flipped seats, made a cargo bed, added plastic from the roll around projects from Winn Dixie.
The large plastic sheets make it easier to slide the equipment into the van.
We put the shelf units in that we bought last year, making a raised platform for the tent, sides, and other show pieces into the van. 
We then moved the van to the front door, releasing the hounds after we shut the gates.
I moved on to bringing down the multiple bags of artworks into the living room and then outside.
We loaded the art into the van so that we still had space for more if needed.
We locked up the van and got lunch, Chris took a nap, while I painted the afternoon away.
At 4pm we went and picked up the packet for the show and I told them we would be setting up later.
After going home, I went back to the studio for a bit, and then got a shower.
At 6pm, Chris took me to church for a women's event.
It was a lovely time, and I hate that I missed the Worship portion.
At 8pm we headed to the show site, and just as we predicted most were gone and zipped up for the night.
We were able to leisurely set up, with our only issue being the darkness.
We put up the main artworks, then zipped down ourselves for some well deserved rest.
We got home just about 10pm and got showers again.
Bedtime was about 10:30.
I woke up at 1am then again at 4am. 

I gave up at that point.
It gave me a chance to read my Bible and other readings for today.
We headed down after breakfast and at dawn, to finish setting up before the show started at 10am.
Set up went smoothly, with us having fans to try and keep us cool.
The fans did not work so well in the cooling department.
Kinda hard to cool down almost 90 degrees!
It's September Lord, can't we have a little fall?
Apparently not.
The day wore on,
 with lots of people complimenting my work, 
telling me how gorgeous it is,
 how my prices are reasonable,
all this while the sweat trickles down my back.
I tried to keep upbeat as the afternoon moved on,
More people, 
more compliments,
me thanking people for coming into the booth,
me trying to engage folks in conversations.
I celebrate my neighbors having sales!
There are purchases being made!
Large paintings go down the walkway, under the arms of eager patrons.
Late afternoon, and the heat becomes more intense because the sun is beating down into the booth.
I move my chair as I don't relish a sunburn this weekend.
More people, except now all of the Alabama and Auburn fans have melted away to game day parties.
Everyone is eating ice cream, drinking cold drinks, iced coffees, lemonades and other things cold to drink.
I myself have downed several bottles of water, a bottle of tea, and a soft drink.
Meanwhile, I talk to folks coming in, trying to steer the conversations away from the heat.
Why do I tell you this so vividly?
I want you to know something that most artists keep a secret.
We are frustrated trying to figure out pricing, what to paint, how to paint, etc..
All the months of labor, lovingly packed and hung for people to see.
Booth fees, jury fees, and other expenses.
Today saw this woman have not ONE single sale.....

I have prayed this afternoon for others to have been more fortunate.
I found out at the artists reception that there were others not making anything either.
God always watches out for me, he watches out for you too!
We are to turn to him in times of trouble like this.
God is testing me for sure!
The heat, no sales make for one unhappy artist at times.
I ask God, what are you teaching me?
Lord I hear you!
He's got my back, and I know he's got yours too!

Happy swimming!

Mystical Mermaids IV & V, Acrylic on poured background, each 4x12 inches
Days 88 and 89 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mystical Mermaid III

Mystical Mermaids continue!
Today finds the backside of one swimming away!
I really enjoy painting these.

What I don't enjoy is conflict.
I posted something that two people disagree with 
on a popular website.
Your first guess on the website is probably right!
Anyway, I seem to have ruffled feathers with the Global Warming post about Greta. 
For the record, I believe we need to do something, 
anything to help out our planet.
Yes the United States is working on it, but we could still do more.
Yes Children today grow up differently from how we did.
We grew up drastically different from our parents and grandparents!
We are slowly but surely destroying our planet with our garbage, chemicals, and lack of sound conservation practices.
On the other counts, I guess I'll have to respectfully disagree!

I am ready for the show this weekend.
I hope to see some of you there, even if just to look!

Mystical Mermaid III, Acrylic on poured background, 4 x 12 inches
Day 87 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mystical Mermaid II

The mermaids are just plain fun!
This one is primarily orange and coral with turquoise accents.
Another one based on vintage photos!

Today found the studio absolutely covered in paintings all over my large table.
Today was varnishing day!
When I get to this point, I know I'm close to a show.
There are still several paintings to create because we have not even begun shows yet.
There are also galleries to swap out artworks with on a regular basis.
I try to keep my works fresh and clean, sometimes even painting over them in an effort to sell them.
Painting over them usually works too!
After varnishing, we left to get lunch and some lumber for a project Chris is working on for a friend.
I stopped in at Hobby Lobby and purchased another roll of canvas.
 I have 6 more shadowboxes to stretch, made with the Restore stretchers we got for free.
Chris combined two together, then built the central box from wood in the shop.
The edges of the 24's are more rounded while the 27's have a larger opening in the middle.
Once stretched, I will need to paint them white.
Hopefully I'll sell enough this weekend to buy a gallon of white Liquitex acrylic from Dick Blick.
Hopefully I'll pay myself back some booth fees as well!
Coming back home after lunch, the varnishing from this morning was dry. 
I spent the next couple of hours putting hangers and wires on them.
There are several bags of already packed paintings ready to go now!
The first show will be beautiful, with lots of color in addition to the sepias on white. 
We will probably bring the pop up tent, because the weather is supposed to be nice.
THAT will make Chris really happy!
Lot easier to set up and break down, but it is a fair weather tent!
Ah Show season!

Mystical Mermaid II, Acrylic on poured background, 4x12 inches
Day 86 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Mythical Mermaid I

I hope you are not tired of mermaids!
I started a series of 5 mermaids on the poured backgrounds.
These are small originals created just for fun.
They are just lovely on their watery sea like canvases.
I look forward to the rest of them.

Today was a busy day for both of us!
Chris started his day by going to men's coffee while I did my bible readings for the day.
When he came home, we were supposed to go look for a campground 
to stay at during the shrimp festival in October.
What he didn't know was I had been on the computer and phone, searching for a campsite.
By the time he arrived, I had information about a place we stayed at 
years ago that we are going to give a try again.
This campground had seen better days the last time we came by, but the reviews seem positive.
Here's hoping we end up a winner, and not a dud!
Any way, as excited as I was about the campsite, he was more excited about something we had seen behind our local grocery store. 
The store has been renovating for weeks now, and some of their store displays were out back.
Chris had checked and they had signs on them "free".
He called just to be sure, and off we went.
These displays were made in the USA, and were built to withstand heavy produce.
They were used of course, but we could see value in them.
At first, Chris just wanted one for the shop.
We decided to take a chance and bring them all home.
It took both of us to dismantle them, and three truckloads to bring them home.
There were a total of 5 of them, 2 square 40 x 40 inches and 
3 larger ones with a drawer each measuring 30 x 48.
When we got them all home, we started calling friends.
3 of them have already found homes in other men's shops!
One will become a table, two others will be roll around tables.
The other two, Chris has already cut down one and added a lower shelf.
He then put the tabletop from a project for our Pastor on top. 
Now we have a very nice work surface that rolls into places we need it.
I will be using it tomorrow myself to put my belt sander on.
I will be sanding the slats pulled from two of the tables for our combined 
scarecrow/snowmen project in my Scripts & Strokes class.
We have one left, they are so nice I'm sure I won't have to do much convincing 
to get it in our shop space together!

We also went to out local Hobby lobby and purchased new brushes for Scripts & Strokes.
Yea new brushes! We had lunch, and I went to the dentist for the first time in two years.
We've really got to get dental insurance.  
But, no cavities ma!
Such is life here in Fairhope, getting ready for another show season, painting, projects,
and anything else life throws at us!

Mythical Mermaid I, Acrylic on poured background, 4x12 inches
Day 85 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019 

Monday, September 23, 2019


Blessings indeed!
Scripts & Strokes class tonight at Celebration Church.
I am indeed very blessed.
I have food enough to share.
I have a car.
I have talent enough to share with others.
I have a home that is ours.
I have friends that are wonderful.
I have family that is blessed in their talents.
I have a job I love.
I have a wonderful church.
I have a long lasting marriage to a man that I love dearly.
I am saved.
I am the daughter of a King!
I am blessed beyond my biggest imagination.
I can only imagine what heaven is like, but  I know it will be amazing!

Blessings. Acrylic on canvas, 11 x 14
Day 84 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Playful trio!

Oh my !
I forgot to post last night!
I was so focused on painting, it totally slipped my mind!
(That and trying to get a sinus infection!)
Anyway, here ya go!

Today's post focuses on the playfulness of dolphins.
I love to watch them leap and jump in the wakes of boats.
One time we were even lucky enough to have them visit a sailboat we were on under motor.
It was a bonus visit as we were going to watch fireworks too on the river in downtown Mobile.
The child that was with us, was enchanted and so was I!
Such beauty in a powerful body created so skillfully by our Master!

We should be more like dolphins...
Taking the opportunity to be carefree and have some fun sometimes!
Chris and I were fascinated one time by a pod of dolphins in the bay.
This pod had a baby in their midst, as evidenced by the small fin breaking the surface.
The pod was feeding on a school of fish when all of a sudden they stopped.
The baby could not keep pace with the others and the mother stayed back to guard it.
The largest one starting swimming quickly around the pod, chasing the fish into the middle of the group.
Lots of splashing, feeding, and jumping!
By the time they finished, there was a large group of people watching the show.
It was amazing to see the cooperation by the group to show this baby how to eat with others.
All in our beautiful Mobile Bay!

Playful Trio, Acrylic on multiple canvases, 2 ft x 5ft
Day 83 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Tentacles, tentacles everywhere!

This  made for an interesting day!
It also made for a long one too!
Quite large in fact, 2 ft x 5 ft , actually a little bigger.
I am really in the groove for shows now, let the sepias begin!

I started the day with my usual bible readings, and a good breakfast provided by my husband.
Chris and our son Jere' went to our local restaurant, Waffle House 
to get breakfast and brought home something for me.
I am so blessed by a husband that thinks about me when he is out.
I then headed to my women's bible study at the pier.
I was the leader today for Really Bad Girls of the bible.
My chapter was number 3 and was about the adulterous woman.
Jesus was represented by an art professor no less!
I pray my "teaching" was understandable and provoking them to dig further into God's word.
We then walked about 2 1/2 miles.

I have managed to let a head cold into my body.
It's not real bad, but I sure hope I can fight it off enough to get well by next weekend.
Next weekend...
This time next week we will be finished with day one of the Jubilee Festival.
I pray it is at least as good as last years show.

Tentacles, tentacles everywhere! Acrylic on canvas, 2 ft x 5 ft
Day 82 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Friday, September 20, 2019

Out of the Deep II

Created from the same pour that brought me Out of the Deep. 
The browns and gray's are incredible.
I cannot wait to see it varnished along with the others in my studio.
The poured backgrounds are just so gorgeous and almost effortless. 
I did enhance the  water on this one, adding foam and water lines.
I love to watch water move, I could absolutely watch it all day, especially the surf with it's foam.
Just lovely!

Sepias are coming, I promise!
I also made room in the studio for further works coming from the easel in the Raccoon Retreat studio.
This time of year, it gets crowded in my space.
I have actually started my list of packed items to get them off the shelves and out of the way.
I am a bag-a-holic with lots of different size bags to contain the artworks and make packing easier.
Chris loves it when the bags make blocks on which he can stack the pieces 
on top of one another with no damage.
There were several pieces over the course of our years traveling and doing shows that were damaged.
The bags minimize the dents and possible broken stretcher bars.

I really enjoy painting, but this evening I must finalize my teaching for the morning SLAM group meeting.
SLAM is Sweating Like A Momma group from church. 
We are studying really bad girls of the bible and it is interesting to say the least.

God's blessings on you this day!

Out of the Deep II, Acrylic on poured background, 12 x 24
Day 80 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Keeping a watchful eye

Today begins a new series of outdoor art pieces.
This one is on a piece of recycled Hardiboard from our porch addition this past spring.
Our house is only 1050 square feet, with 500 of the footage being my beautiful studio upstairs.
We live in 550 square feet. 
The porch added another 250 for outdoor living.
My studio area is perfect for me!
I have a half bath, sewing area, plentiful tables, storage galore, computer, printer, and easel for creating.
It's a lot of art fitted into a small space. 
I am extremely grateful for my large studio, at least compared to what others have told me they create in!
 thank God every day for a husband that loves me enough to give me space for creating.
I love him to the moon and back!
So much, I got rid of a ton of recycled art supplies and cleared space in the barn for his studio.
His studio fills the back of the barn, 12 x 24 feet.
He is a wood turner and he is so happy in his "Studio".
When we built his space, we added a mezzanine above for my recycled art supplies, 
decorations for holidays, and general storage for the girls.
Last year, he added the coolest ladder to get to the top. 
It can slide in flat, or angle out making it much easier to get things up and down.
We also have things up there for future projects, one of which was used just in the past week.
We had found a cabinet while "dumpster diving " last week.
I cleaned it up and told him, this is for cooking out, and BBQ.
I knew he wanted a sink out there, so we pulled a cabinet from the upstairs 
and added a sink we bought at a yard sale.
All told, the sink and cabinet were about $40 total.

Anyway I digress.....
The Hardiboard came from the back of our home when we did the porch.
I've had several people ask about outdoor art and this is my solution, using something that can withstand the elements. (and maybe not mildew like canvases will!)
Anyway, I did not smooth it out, (I have a friend that does with a slurry and a totally different style of art!)
I left the texture, so it looks like wood without deteriorating like wood.
My husband is contemplating putting resin on it.
I don't know about that, I may have to consult with my friend in Mississippi.
Still , a poured background and the holes from nails. (it is after all, recycled)
I drilled additional holes and will add a wire after we varnish or resin.

That's another day though!

Keeping a watchful eye, Acrylic on Hardiboard, approx. 12x 12
Day 80 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Peaceful indeed!
I am at peace about a lot of things.
We are constantly bombarded with things that will disturb our peace.
Alarms, deadlines, chores, meals, family, or other assorted things thrown our way by the enemy.
When things become too much for me, I pray.
I tell God, okay I know you've got this for me.
I'm going to give it to you, because I can't handle the situation.
I am then at peace.

I really understood the peace that surpasses all understanding the afternoon my mother died suddenly.
My father accidentally called me, trying to call the paramedics.
He then told me to get off the d**m phone and hung up on me.
I fell to my knees in the driveway as I was outside packing for Arts and Crafts set up that evening.
I started crying uncontrollably.
I then cried out to God.
"I told God no! not now! not today!"
I then realized what I had said, and prayed to God.
"Not my will, but your will be done."
"But, if it is your will, give me peace."
I immediately felt washed over with overwhelming love and peace.
I believe I had a glimpse of heaven that day, not with my earthly eyes, but with my heart.
I stood up and the deep grief that had caused me to collapse, was gone.
I called my brother and asked him to go check on our parents, as I was an hour away.
When he called and told me she was indeed gone, I sat down on the sidewalk in front of the chamber.
The other Artists began stepping over me, not sure what to do in this situation.
I called my girlfriend and told her what had happened.
She said where are you?
Out front.

The chamber people were wonderful, offering me the chance to back out of the show.
I told them I would give an answer by 8pm that evening.
The phone calls started coming in.
I was still at peace on the way to my fathers side.
I asked everyone that called what they thought about the show.
Incredibly they all said, do it!
She would be mad at you if you didn't
So true!

So began a weekend of witnessing to others the peace that had been given to me!
Such a joyful weekend that my heavenly father rescued me from the depths of despair.
People were in utter disbelief that knew of my relationship with my mother.
She was indeed my best friend.
Have you asked for yours today?
Phillipians 4:7
Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.
His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

Peaceful, Acrylic on poured background, 12 x 24
Day 79 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2019