Saturday, October 15, 2011

I see you!

I see you! is one of the paintings created at the National Shrimp Festival on Friday October 14th. I am really having a good time at Shrimp Festival and am looking forward to the next couple of days as well.
Friday was nerve wracking because I had not even made booth fee by the end of Thursday. This year is made even more trying with the addition of a license for the city of Gulf Shores that has added to my expenses.
Friday morning dawned with me in high hopes for a better day and making booth fees. The day passed with cards sold, and one giclee' totaling only about $80.00. I was not optimistic by late afternoon and was trying very hard to keep up a brave front. During the day, I had painted three paintings and wanted to varnish them. I tried to remove myself from the crowds and after spraying 2 of the works was asked to stop as it was blowing into the food booth several dozen feet away. I was crushed, no income to speak of, and now I could not varnish either. It took me a while to recover, give it all to God and put on a smile because my nerves were shot.
We stayed after 6 pm and the night crowds started to pick up. I was still trying to put faith in myself and the fact that God always, Always takes care of me, but I was beginning to waver. We finally had a customer that had purchased at Cathedral Square Gallery come in and become delighted with the shell minatures. After a few moments she had decided to purchase the group of 5 paintings to put between a doorway and wall. At the same time, another woman walked in and fell in love with my large Nautilus. She had just arrived, and wanted to look around asking how long we would be there. I told her she could have first right of refusal if she would give me her number and I would hold the painting until 12 on Saturday. We told her we would be there until 7pm (about 25 minutes) and she rushed away. We started packing for the evening and she rushed back in and said I'll take it, I love it and I want it, so I am not going to wait.
Within 30 mins I had made booth fee and finally was in the the black. Now the show is looking more promising with hopefully Saturday being a big day! I know better than to doubt that I will be taken care of by the master. He has a plan, although sometimes we wonder what is he thinking! I was tested Friday, hard! I am so glad I passed the test!
I see You! 12 x 12 acrylic on canvas

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dock Invader

"Dock Invader" completes the 100 days~100 paintings series! This watercolor is part of a demonstration for a student that is fishing up her class in watercolors. I have really enjoyed teaching her and I hope she has enjoyed the classes. In answer to several requests, I will begin teaching in November. Details to follow shortly!
I am still toying with the idea of daily painting and blogging still. It may not be a painting a day, but it will be lots of paintings because the sepias are selling rapidly. I also sold Rosetta's Jubilee I and II this week. It is still kinda sad when a painting leaves the studio, but there will always be more! Rosetta's Jubilee will live on as well as they are now in print. I have no less than 5 new prints to offer at the Festival and am looking forward to the results.
We are set up for the National Shrimp Festival as of this afternoon. The tent goes up easy as you please now. (Especially when you set it up that morning while checking poles and roof supports.) I am using the aluminum poles with the top and sides purchased a few years back. We use these poles because of the significant weight difference between the two. (One is Steel the other Aluminum) Our neighbors seem to be nice and there is an excitement in the air down at the gulf. The booth placement was extremely tight and we stayed to help our neighbor with a new tent that was very similar to ours. We also stayed in case there was a problem with the booth placement. The area where we are has several booths in a row and exactly 10 feet in which to place our little corner of the planet. My booth number is 119 in the fine art division. Maybe I'll see you there!
Dock Invader 9 x 12 watercolor on paper

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Toe the Line~detail

"Toe the Line" is my attempt to paint something for the Alabama Fans in my life. I am always trying something new and different and this one will prove to be achallenge I am certain! The canvas measures 36 x 36 and actually has three elephants total, They are rushing out at you and will be a combination of color and sepia. Sepia works perfectly for the elephants and will be a beautiful work to leave my studio!
"Toe the Line"~detail acrylic on canvas 36 x 36

Rustic Crab

Painted while teaching this week for Paint and Pals, this painting was worked on during the class. It is not quite finished because I helped the rest of the group. We had 17 people and no two crabs were alike! It never ceases to amaze me that my students will all start out with the same drawing but never end with the same image. Color choices, brush strokes, techniques all are different and make for an interesting evening of teaching! I will never tire of teaching and love to watch the people that come leave pleasantly surprised that they have a painting that they can hang and say, I did it myself!
Rustic Crab 16 x 20 acrylic on canvas

"Crab Invasion II"

"Crab Invasion II" is another in the sepia series to leave my brush and the studio. I will never tire of painting crabs and with a neighbor like Rosetta, I will never be at a loss for subject matter. That reminds me, she said she was going fishing! There will be more to paint!
This painting represents day number 97 in the series!
"Crab Invasion II" Acrylic on Canvas 10 x 10

Crab Invasion

"Crab Invasion" has similarities to one of the paintings completed recently. Rosseta's Jubilee. I wanted to see what they would look like in the sepia series, so here we go!
This one was painted at the Grand Festival in my booth.
"Crab Invasion" 10 x 10 acrylic on canvas

Who's got Attitude?

Painted during the Grand Festival, "Who's got Attitude?" is one of many crabs to leave the end of my brush. It probably won't be the last either. Our coast gives artists many reasons to paint the local creatures and areas that surround and never ceases to astound me.
This painting represents day 95 in the 100 days series. I am still painting and am looking forward to the next challenge that arises from the studio in Fairhope.
"Who's got Attitude?" 4 x 12 acrylic on deep edge canvas

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Winged Flight II

The second half of Winged Flight shows more of these beautiful birds as they take off from the waters off Coya Costa. The photography there is fantastic with multiple chances for remarkable pictures. I hope someday to go back and stay awhile as there are primitive cabins on the island and showers available. I can hardly wait to see the beaches again! The best part is spending time with Chris and just having the quiet beauty surround us. We may have to see if the "girls" (our dachshunds) could go with us and enjoy it all too! Day number 94 in the 100 days~100 paintings series.
"Winged Flight II" Acrylic on canvas 6 x 12

Winged Flight I

Followers of the blog now know that I have a special passion for the silent ones, the animals that can't speak for themselves. I am constantly painting, photographing, or researching about the animals I know and love.
When I was younger, I wanted to become a veterinarian to the point of doing research on the college of choice, Auburn. Little did I know that in 1976 when we moved home to Alabama I would be so close to my dream of attending college and taking care of my beloved creatures. But, life takes a few twists and turns and I abandoned the notion of becoming a Veterinarian and instead switched gears to nursing. That notion left my head when I figured out college was not for me! I had met the love of my life and married him 6 months later and have never looked back! God has a plan for me and us and we are still happily following that plan!
This painting is part of the series of Ibis I photographed in Florida on the island of Coya Costa. I hope to go back there, to walk the beaches, paint and photograph the animals that call the island home. I highly recommend it, it is indeed a beautiful place. This painting marks number 93 and is for yesterdays entry.
"Winged flight I" Acrylic on canvas 6 x 12

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Silent Swimmer

One of my 'bucket' list items is to some day swim with turtles and dolphins. I really wonder sometimes if I was a fish in a former life. I am very much at home in the water. I also try to get into the ocean as much as possible. This summer, I spent more time there in the wonderful waters off our coasts than I have in a long time. Last years oil spill in the Gulf reminded me how important our nearby waters really are to our society as a whole.
What concerns me the most is the silent ones, the ones who cannot speak for themselves. The animals in our waters and near our beaches. While traveling this past May, we had an opportunity to see a turtle nest in person. I someday want to see and photograph the 'boil' that happens when the baby turtles come scurrying out of their nest and fly to the sea. This is of the reasons I teach children to be careful what they do with plastics as they are one of the top killers to our sealife we know and love.
Silent Swimmer 6 x 12 acrylic on canvas

Herons Song

This painting is another of the series inspired by the heron behind the condo in Orange Beach. I don't think I'll ever tire of painting him, but I do think I need more in color.
These past few days I have been helping out a group of friends to re-work the Fairhope Connection Galley in downtown Fairhope, Alabama. There have also been several artists lending many willing hands put to task. This re-arranging has been an adventure, to say the least. It has required more work than I ever thought possible and it has been good for all of us. I now have several new Artist friends, and I have a much closer relationship with the owners of the gallery. Sometimes I actually get to paint as well!
Herons Song 6 x 6 deep edge acrylic on canvas

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beauty in Flight

This small painting is a study for a larger one at a later date. I love the challenge of photographing osprey as they are fast birds.
I took the shot of this one while off the coast of Florida in May. Our "photo safari" was a great success with lots of wonderful material for many paintings to come!
This painting is part of my sepia series and is small in size, but not in impact. Anyone who has seen these magnificent birds in flight and in hunting mode have had a real treat. They can be quite vociferous when they feel threatened. They also will sweep away with a brush of their beautiful wings as they take flight. I will never become tired of watching and photgraphing this wonderful Raptors.
This painting marks day 90 of the 100 days~100 paintings and also celebrates my 51st birthday. I will spend the rest of the day moving the Gallery at Fairhope Connections in Fairhope, Alabama. It is one of a wonderful pair of galleries~the other is Fairhope Connections at Orange Beach, Alabama that shows and sells my work! The Fairhope store sold three of the sepias just yesterday! I am very grateful to have a talent that allows me to make a living doing what I love. I am also thankful to have the support of Chris Chavez a loving husband that lets me have my own wings to fly! I LOVE YOU CHRIS! I am very blessed to have family and friends that support me in my endeavours too! I love you all very much as well!
Beauty in Flight 4 x 12 Acrylic on canvas

The hunt for Mussels~minature

This painting is indeed a repeat of an image not too long ago. This is from a photograph I took while on a "photo safari" this past spring. I obtained lots of images for paintings and will indeed be finishing them years from now! I made this minature becasue lots of people are wanting smaller paintings to put on easels or in small spaces. The first one was 10 x 10 and will be in the bird show at Fairhope Connections at First Friday Artwalk October 7th in Fairhope, Alabama. I may put this one in my booth at the Grand Festival, October 8th and 9th. The Grand Festival is in Fairhope, Alabama as well and is a small show, easy to travel and sponsored by the Eastern Shore Art Center. Maybe I'll see you there!
The hunt for Mussels~minature 6 x 12 acrylic on canvas