Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Silent Swimmer

One of my 'bucket' list items is to some day swim with turtles and dolphins. I really wonder sometimes if I was a fish in a former life. I am very much at home in the water. I also try to get into the ocean as much as possible. This summer, I spent more time there in the wonderful waters off our coasts than I have in a long time. Last years oil spill in the Gulf reminded me how important our nearby waters really are to our society as a whole.
What concerns me the most is the silent ones, the ones who cannot speak for themselves. The animals in our waters and near our beaches. While traveling this past May, we had an opportunity to see a turtle nest in person. I someday want to see and photograph the 'boil' that happens when the baby turtles come scurrying out of their nest and fly to the sea. This is of the reasons I teach children to be careful what they do with plastics as they are one of the top killers to our sealife we know and love.
Silent Swimmer 6 x 12 acrylic on canvas

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