Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Robin for Robin

One of our great customers at Paint and Pals requested this little guy. Several weeks back I had posted three bird paintings on the blog and this client requested a robin. Here he is in all his splendor, perched atop a vase full of dogwood blossoms. This painting is in Oil and was delightful to create. I had the vase painted from a previous USA class and added the bird and blossoms to show my students how to use their vase paintings.
Thanks Robin for the suggestion!
"A Robin for Robin" 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas Panel $125.00

King of the Keys

Everyone loves a Macaw! While I don't own one, I have friends that own several birds and I may have to photograph them for the Pet Portrait Show. I photographed this guy while on vacation in the Florida Keys. I can't wait to go back and Chris and I are planning a trip early next year. I painted him while guess where? People love to watch artists at work and I enjoy talking with them about their pets or stories of their past.
I had a friend send me something a while back. Heaven is the place where all the dogs you've ever had come to greet you. One can only hope that all the creatures we are blessed with in our lives come to greet us in heaven. I know my heaven will be crowded indeed with dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, snakes, and birds of all kinds that I used to rescue in the spring while growing up.
"King of the Keys" Watercolor 11 x 14 $65.00

Trixie Portrait

Trixie is our Double Dapple Dachshund and this portrait is of her as a puppy. She was following around the other dachshunds we have as they ran down the stairs of the gazebo. She still was a little frightened to attempt this trick and became frustrated. After several attempts to muster up her courage, she let out a big sigh and plopped down on the deck while I snapped the picture. I painted this picture while at the festival (are you seeing a trend here?) Several people asked how much for a portrait and I handed out lots of cards. If the portraits pan out, maybe the shrimp festival won't be a complete disappointment.
I am creating pet portraits for the upcoming show at Cathedral Square Gallery in November. I have done several pet portraits,but they are always for clients and I never get a good picture. Consequently, I am painting lots of animals for our show. My focus may be primarily on Dachshunds as they are what I own and are familiar with. I have access to a JR Terrier as well as chihuahuas. All are fun to paint!
Trixie Portrait (example only) watercolor 12 x 16 Not for sale
This size starts at $125.00 and up portraits can also be done in Oil or Acrylic

Shrimp Central

This set of shrimp was painted on bubble paper created during one of the watercolor workshops I have taught. Bubble painting never ceases to make adults giggle and fascinate children.
This year at the Shrimp Festival, I had several people ask how do you do that background? I have never had people ask this so many times before. I am always willing to educate and willingly told everyone that asked how to create the background how to do it. Painted on the second day of the Festival, Friday October 9th. People always love to watch and I don't mind them asking questions while I am painting.
"Shrimp Central" watercolor 12 x 16 $65.00

Come to me my Pretty!

Today is the beginning of the second 100 days.
100 Days~100 Paintings Two!
I painted this at the National Shrimp Festival while awaiting customers at my booth on Thursday October 8th. The Shrimp Festival was a disappointment this year because the crowds were much smaller than expected. I have been to this festival 2 years before and there were times that you could not see across the walkway. This year, there was not one time that I observed this amount of people. Every day the complaint was the same, it is so hot! The heat index on Thursday alone was 107. Very few people were purchasing anything as well. This show is traditionally the biggest one I go to as far as income is concerned but not this year. I will still continue to paint every day as it has made me a better painter as well as a happier artist!
Come to me my Pretty! Watercolor 12 x 16 $65.00

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Rescued and Released"

100 Days~100 Paintings!
I still cannot believe I actually undertook this challenge and completed it! The painting a day has been interesting at best, frustrating at it's worst. All in all, I am quite pleased with the series that has taken me from July to the present.

I know that I will keep painting because the response to the painting a day challenge has been terrific! I have had at least three other artists talk to me about why should they do this type of project. People are buying the paintings as well! to date I have sold no less than 10 of them with 2~4 more pending!

My goals were all met, I am friendlier with my computer, my digital camera, downloading and importing, being able to price reasonably, blogging, and most of all Painting! I am making faster decisions and doing more with less paint and time. The downloading process has gotten faster as well, When I began, it took me over an hour to photograph, download, edit, import, and blog. The whole process is now down to about 20 minutes!

I really wish to thanks my beloved husband of 30 plus years for supporting this project and offering additional challenges along the way! Many was the night he went to bed with me either finishing a painting or in the process of blogging. I also want to thank those of you that are not registered followers for commenting along the way. To my registered followers, many thanks as well! Your comments and encouragement have kept me going to the finish line frenzy! To those who started the inspiration with their own blogs a deep and respectful Thanks!

The next few days find us at the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I will be painting at the festival of that I am certain. Someone asked me recently if I ever slow down. There are so many paintings in my head I doubt I will ever be able to paint them all!

"Rescued and Released" 16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas $125.00

Next up, I don't quite know at this moment. I only know that I have enjoyed the journey and I will continue with a painting a day....................

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Denizen of the Deep"

This marks number 99 of the 100 days paintings. I have received many requests for a shark so here is "Denizen of the Deep". I always enjoy blues and greens in my paintings, I feel really relaxed when painting deep water. I still can remember as a child going over the edge of a reef and being fascinated by all the creatures in and amongst the coral. It seems to me that I also remember my mother being very nervous, much like Nemo's father when he went close to the edge. The sharks always received a deep respect from my mother, especially the black tips and their unpredictability. For this reason, she would never night dive with my father and she always chain smoked while waiting for him to return with the other divers.
I miss the deep water and it's beautiful rich blue. I never dove down into it, I only saw it from the surface because that is where I stayed not knowing how to dive.
"Denizen of the Deep" 16 x 20 Acrylic $125.00

Not just another Crab

I painted this one while at the Ohr Fall Festival of the Arts in Biloxi Mississippi. This beauty is in Watercolor and a bubble background. It measures about 11 x 15 and will mat out to a 16 x 20
We leave tomorrow for the National Shrimp Festival by then, I hopefully will have finished number 99 and 100!
This painting marks number 98 of the 100 days. Yes it really is number 98! Wow!
"Not just another Crab"
Watercolor $ 65.00

One Shrimp,Two Shrimp

Can you tell I am getting in a shrimply place of mind? We leave for the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores Alabama tomorrow. I would like to leave today, but this gives us more time to pack, frame, load, wash, and get ready for the next journey. The National Shrimp Festival is from 9~5 Thursday through Sunday. I sincerely hope the weather holds out so that people will come! Thursday and Friday are considered "local" days and the crowds are lighter. Maybe I'll see you there!

"Porch Swing" Paint and Pals

Last Thursday I was able to help out with a fundraiser for the Court Appointed Child advocacy. We had several ladies that painted the swing and a lot were first timers. People really seem to enjoy painting with us and we really make an effort to not let anyone leave with a painting they are not happy with! Lots of food, fun, and fundraising!

"Bama" A Paint And Pals Original

Yet another in the series of mascots offered at Paint and Pals. Just like "Tiger" these won't be offered until the November calendar. She is really fun to paint!
I am so grateful to be able to make a living doing what I love! Thanks to all who have helped me on my "journey". The best is yet to come!

Monday, October 5, 2009

"Tiger" A Paint and Pals Original

I hope everyone enjoys painting Tiger as much as I did. Our Paintings at Paint and Pals are fun and easy to create. Tiger may not be available until November on our website because the October Calender has already gone out. I am going to talk with Alexis about people being able to pre-sign up for the Tiger and Bama night. We will probably also develop a cat version for you cat lovers out there! I hope to have the Bama dog up soon as well. She is already painted (last Thursday night)but I still have to photograph her.


I can usually tell when a small child is in the booth. I may not see them because I am in the back but I will hear the cry of NEMO! I always hang my one clownfish painting at a childs eye level. Now I will have two clownfish paintings. I have heard NEMO so much that is what I decided to name these little guys. I have also developed a card to hand to children when they find NEMO. I hope they like the card with a picture of clownfish. I know I enjoy the children finding him in my booth!
NEMO! 8 x 10 Oil on Gessobord $ 95.00

Bahia Honda~Florida Keys

Bahia Honda was a beautiful place to stay and I look forward to going there again. Chris and I are going again in the beginning of next year just like we did this year. We are supposed to be going with friends, but I don't know if they will make it. We need to make reservations now! The snowbirds are coming in and they take all the campsites and rentals up quickly.
Bahia Honda~Florida Keys Watercolor
11 x 14 $ 65.00

Palm Trees a Plenty!

More inspirations from trees! I have already sold the backlit palms with the variegated backgrounds Tequila Sunrise 1 & 2 at the Pensacola show. These are a bit more realistic. I have put them in a common frame that I dry brushed with copper acrylic. They really look nice and I look forward to seeing them together at the Shrimp Festival.
Palms Trees a Plenty 1 & 2
Oil 12 x 16
$95.00 each or Pair for $ 175.00

Palm tree inspirations

I have always enjoyed the beauty of palms and their fronds. Maybe it goes back to the Philippines and the island atmosphere. I was struck on the second morning of the Pensacola show by the light hitting the palm tree at the front of the hotel. I painted this at the show in between talking to people and sales. I can never sit still at a show as I am so active all the time that when I sit still I go to sleep! So I paint.
The one a day paintings are going great! I have already sold several and anticipate more going home with people at the later shows.
I was also approached by a couple out of Sarasota Florida about them possibly carrying my artwork. They seemed very excited to represent me to their companies but were concerned about the size of my runs. (150) I told them we could change the size and make the run whatever they needed. Me and wholesale art going nationwide. Hmmmm.....
More on this later.
Palm tree inspirations Watercolor approx. 11 x 14 $45.00

Crabs are here to stay

Time is getting away from me! Obviously, I have not been here for a while!
The Pensacola show was a terrible load-in and Out. I am a rule follower and the paperwork said it was a 3 pm check in. After fighting with the trailer, (I won of course) we headed off to Pensacola and the show in Seville Quarter. When we arrived, I have never seen such a jam up of cars, trucks, trailers, and hot sweaty people. (I found out later as I was trucking stuff in that some of the vendors had been there since 8 am! I normally don't sweat, but that load in had me dripping! We had to truck in all of the equipment. The police started pushing people to move their vehicles and I found an officer to tell him we had just arrived and the location of my vehicle at the end of the street. I also told him my parking pass was in the front windshield and my cell phone # was on it to reach me if he needed to do so. He looked dead at me and said, I wish everyone would do that! We finally finished loading in as the sun was setting and we could no longer see.
To those of you that check and read this blog Thanks! The shows are in full swing now and I am really enjoying them! The painting a day series has been very well received both for their beauty and pricing.
Crabs are here to stay Oil 12 x 16 $95.00