Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trixie Portrait

Trixie is our Double Dapple Dachshund and this portrait is of her as a puppy. She was following around the other dachshunds we have as they ran down the stairs of the gazebo. She still was a little frightened to attempt this trick and became frustrated. After several attempts to muster up her courage, she let out a big sigh and plopped down on the deck while I snapped the picture. I painted this picture while at the festival (are you seeing a trend here?) Several people asked how much for a portrait and I handed out lots of cards. If the portraits pan out, maybe the shrimp festival won't be a complete disappointment.
I am creating pet portraits for the upcoming show at Cathedral Square Gallery in November. I have done several pet portraits,but they are always for clients and I never get a good picture. Consequently, I am painting lots of animals for our show. My focus may be primarily on Dachshunds as they are what I own and are familiar with. I have access to a JR Terrier as well as chihuahuas. All are fun to paint!
Trixie Portrait (example only) watercolor 12 x 16 Not for sale
This size starts at $125.00 and up portraits can also be done in Oil or Acrylic

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