Monday, October 5, 2009

Crabs are here to stay

Time is getting away from me! Obviously, I have not been here for a while!
The Pensacola show was a terrible load-in and Out. I am a rule follower and the paperwork said it was a 3 pm check in. After fighting with the trailer, (I won of course) we headed off to Pensacola and the show in Seville Quarter. When we arrived, I have never seen such a jam up of cars, trucks, trailers, and hot sweaty people. (I found out later as I was trucking stuff in that some of the vendors had been there since 8 am! I normally don't sweat, but that load in had me dripping! We had to truck in all of the equipment. The police started pushing people to move their vehicles and I found an officer to tell him we had just arrived and the location of my vehicle at the end of the street. I also told him my parking pass was in the front windshield and my cell phone # was on it to reach me if he needed to do so. He looked dead at me and said, I wish everyone would do that! We finally finished loading in as the sun was setting and we could no longer see.
To those of you that check and read this blog Thanks! The shows are in full swing now and I am really enjoying them! The painting a day series has been very well received both for their beauty and pricing.
Crabs are here to stay Oil 12 x 16 $95.00

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