Monday, October 5, 2009

Palm tree inspirations

I have always enjoyed the beauty of palms and their fronds. Maybe it goes back to the Philippines and the island atmosphere. I was struck on the second morning of the Pensacola show by the light hitting the palm tree at the front of the hotel. I painted this at the show in between talking to people and sales. I can never sit still at a show as I am so active all the time that when I sit still I go to sleep! So I paint.
The one a day paintings are going great! I have already sold several and anticipate more going home with people at the later shows.
I was also approached by a couple out of Sarasota Florida about them possibly carrying my artwork. They seemed very excited to represent me to their companies but were concerned about the size of my runs. (150) I told them we could change the size and make the run whatever they needed. Me and wholesale art going nationwide. Hmmmm.....
More on this later.
Palm tree inspirations Watercolor approx. 11 x 14 $45.00

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