Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Come to me my Pretty!

Today is the beginning of the second 100 days.
100 Days~100 Paintings Two!
I painted this at the National Shrimp Festival while awaiting customers at my booth on Thursday October 8th. The Shrimp Festival was a disappointment this year because the crowds were much smaller than expected. I have been to this festival 2 years before and there were times that you could not see across the walkway. This year, there was not one time that I observed this amount of people. Every day the complaint was the same, it is so hot! The heat index on Thursday alone was 107. Very few people were purchasing anything as well. This show is traditionally the biggest one I go to as far as income is concerned but not this year. I will still continue to paint every day as it has made me a better painter as well as a happier artist!
Come to me my Pretty! Watercolor 12 x 16 $65.00

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  1. I LOVE THIS... I hope this year will be better at the festival. Your work is fun and beautiful.