Saturday, October 15, 2011

I see you!

I see you! is one of the paintings created at the National Shrimp Festival on Friday October 14th. I am really having a good time at Shrimp Festival and am looking forward to the next couple of days as well.
Friday was nerve wracking because I had not even made booth fee by the end of Thursday. This year is made even more trying with the addition of a license for the city of Gulf Shores that has added to my expenses.
Friday morning dawned with me in high hopes for a better day and making booth fees. The day passed with cards sold, and one giclee' totaling only about $80.00. I was not optimistic by late afternoon and was trying very hard to keep up a brave front. During the day, I had painted three paintings and wanted to varnish them. I tried to remove myself from the crowds and after spraying 2 of the works was asked to stop as it was blowing into the food booth several dozen feet away. I was crushed, no income to speak of, and now I could not varnish either. It took me a while to recover, give it all to God and put on a smile because my nerves were shot.
We stayed after 6 pm and the night crowds started to pick up. I was still trying to put faith in myself and the fact that God always, Always takes care of me, but I was beginning to waver. We finally had a customer that had purchased at Cathedral Square Gallery come in and become delighted with the shell minatures. After a few moments she had decided to purchase the group of 5 paintings to put between a doorway and wall. At the same time, another woman walked in and fell in love with my large Nautilus. She had just arrived, and wanted to look around asking how long we would be there. I told her she could have first right of refusal if she would give me her number and I would hold the painting until 12 on Saturday. We told her we would be there until 7pm (about 25 minutes) and she rushed away. We started packing for the evening and she rushed back in and said I'll take it, I love it and I want it, so I am not going to wait.
Within 30 mins I had made booth fee and finally was in the the black. Now the show is looking more promising with hopefully Saturday being a big day! I know better than to doubt that I will be taken care of by the master. He has a plan, although sometimes we wonder what is he thinking! I was tested Friday, hard! I am so glad I passed the test!
I see You! 12 x 12 acrylic on canvas

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