Friday, August 31, 2012

Celebrate Small Groups Artwork

     Not long after Vacation Bible School the next project came into play at Celebration. Our Fall Kick Off of small groups is happening on September 9th, 2012. I was asked to do the artwork for both the church and the Celebrate Kids building. My artworks are being displayed on stage in the church. I am having a great time designing and making these pieces! This piece is for the main panel in front of the desk on stage. CCNN stands for Celebrate Church News Network. This represents day 56.

    This is the piece created for the Celebrate Kids. These are all going on the desk on stage for decoration. It represents day 57 of the 100 days.


        Another piece for the decoration on stage. This one represents Celebration Church. Day 58 here of the 100 days.

     Glo is represented too!

     My favorite of the all the pieces because of the color! I really had fun making this one as well. All these pieces are on foam core and are approximately 15 x 15. The first one is larger for the front of the desk. All of these are going to make their debut on September 9th.


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