Thursday, August 9, 2012

Celebration Church Lexi & Link VBS

The Mayan Mask in place with set dressing for the VBS Lexi & Link at Celebration church in Fairhope, Alabama. The mask features a working mechanism to move the mouth and a neatly designed waterfall that came from the top of the platform. The mask itself is built out of house insulation foam layered and stacked to form the carved layers. This is my first real try at carving, and I really enjoyed it! The mask took a total of about 10 hours to carve. Another hour or so to paint! The waterfall was designed by me and beautifully executed with some changes by Joe Wachovia (sorry if I spelled it wrong!). I am amazed by the talents shown by the people at our church and so willingly given because of their awareness that God is where their talents come from, and their response is projects of this undertaking. The final touches were placed by the lighting crew after Pastor Tim wanted an LED bar placed at the top to showcase the piece. Great call, Pastor Tim! Great job as well by the fantastic lighting crew headed by Chase~They had to remove the lighting from the church, bring it to the chapel, install it, and check lighting all within 24 hours!
While not a painting per se' I am still putting this one down as day 31 of the 100 days!

The two relief pieces I created for the VBS. They measure 3ft x 6ft and are on canvas so they can be removed and stored. They are both based on wall carvings from Ninevah. These pieces were fun to paint and easy to install at the chapel for the VBS. They also should store well rolled up. These two guys are days 32 and 33 of the 100 days~100 paintings

Two of the amazing girls helping out with the backdrops for the VBS~LExi & Link at Celebration Church, Fairhope, Alabama. They followed instruction well, adding the final details, and I left them to their task as I had already painted the other two backdrops that measured 9 x 12 and 6 x 12!
So much fun! So many new friends!

The backdrop behind the performers is for the city of Ninevah. It is used later as the backdrop for the king as well. It measured 6 x 12 and is the back of the jungle piece. I also painted signage for the market. Many thanks go to my husband Chris Chavez and Theresa for helping me finish this piece completing day 35 of the 100 days. 

The "plane" for the hsow. Cramped and ridiculously funny in it's size. Chris Chavez and I built this one afternoon in the workshop behind our house. The backdrop was painted on site and I had a few helpers including JD Ost, who asked how to paint clouds and learned rathe quickly! HE also painted the nose of the plane black. Day 36 down!

The jungle backdrop in place with additional set dressing in the form of plants, both silk and real. I had wonderful help throughout the process and cannot thank everyone enough for the encouragement and prayers that helped us get finished in time to present and amazing VBS at Celebration Church!

The mask begins the painting process with a base coat and shadows and highlights.
Delighful help from the youth so eager to learn!

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