Friday, July 31, 2020

Mighty Marlin

I really enjoy painting these big game fish.
Several years ago, I was commissioned to paint Miss Dulari's big catch.
It was to honor a member of the Mobile Big Game Fishing club that had passed away.
It was the cover of their book for that year.
The guy in charge bought the original and got a half sized Giclee' 
for the family of the man that had passed away.
It was one of the best commissions I had gotten at the time.
Today I don't know if I'd let it out of my studio!
I've grown so much as an artist as well.

Soon this pandemic will be over and we will all start 
back into the headlong rush of the world and large.
At least some of us may do that, I for one have enjoyed the slow down and reflection time this disease has afforded us.
Although I do miss shopping for the pure enjoyment of shopping, 
and movies in the theater, I really miss seeing movies in the theater.

Mighty Marlin, Acrylic on hardibord, 10 x 10 inches
Day 33 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

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