Monday, July 27, 2020

Sea Turtles for Two!

Well now!
Yesterday (Sunday) was incredibly jam packed.
We watched church online and started our day.
Delightfully, Alfred finally got the funds we were trying to send to him for a while.
He immediately went to his Landlord and paid rent for both July and August.
That done, his family also got some groceries to be able to eat.
I received a delightful photo of Praise with sausage and sazda piled up to eat.
They all went to bed, singing God's praises with full bellies and happy hearts.
Meanwhile, my Sunday remainder was spent at the desk, trying to pound out 
more of the illustrations for the book. 
I am trying to get drawings done for approval from the author, then start on the paintings.
As a side note, I met with the author today and she loves the drawings so far!
I am still trying to finish them before we would have left for Africa on August 9th.
They will be done in watercolor, so they should go fairly quickly.
Anyways after a long day at the desk with breaks few and far between, I was too tired to post!

Why turtles again?
Saturday I got a message from Stewart Heath Gallery.
I need turtles ASAP!
I was taken aback as I had just delivered turtles the week before.
Then the photo popped up on my phone of the sale of one of the turtles I had brought previously.
What a problem to have!
I have a gallery that is making sales!
I am SO grateful that Stewart Heath nudged me into coming to her space.
She has actually pursued my work since before opening almost two years ago.
Recently she messaged me and asked again.
After prayer, I was led to go and leave some pieces with her.
She has given me a rather large space and I love it!
These turtles are for her Gallery to sell.

Sea Turtles I & II, Acrylic on shadowbox canvas, 24 x 24, $325.00 each
Days 28 & 29 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020

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