Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Three Amigos

Three Amigos is a trio of our brown pelicans.
We have a plentiful amount of pelicans now, the numbers are very different from when I
 first arrived back home in 1976.
Back then, the pelicans were few and far between.
The reason? DDT
The pesticide being used made their eggs so fragile that they could not even 
sit on them to hatch them without breaking.
It broke my heart to know these gawky, raptor looking birds that are a symbol of the waters of the deep south might die out because of man.
Man in our ever present quest to grow bigger, better, crops.
Fortunately, DDT was banned, the pelicans have now recovered to the 
point of almost becoming a pest.
At least if you have a dock they have decided to roost upon.
I find them to be magnificent birds, seemingly unable to fly, yet graceful in the air.
I watched them today as we rode the dogs at the park, acrobatic performers in the skies.
Dipping, diving, splashing, then popping back up to do it all over again.
We have seen them repeatedly dive when there is a school of fish they have found.
Diving until they cannot leave the water again because they are so full of fish.
They bob a while on the water, then they pop up and gracefully fly away.

We made a trip to Stewart Heath Gallery today.
I was taking replacement turtles for display and possible sales.
There may be a possible BIG commission piece as well.
If it occurs, it will be the largest multiple canvas piece I've ever attempted.
The frustrating part, The couple is from Gulf Breeze.
One of the shows cancelled this spring.
At least they found me at the Gallery!
I convinced Chris to bring his wood turning as well to see if they would be a fit into the gallery.
He brought and Stewart kept 8 bowls for display.
Welcome to the gallery Chris!

Three Amigos, Acrylic on Hardibord, 10 x 10
Day 30 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020 

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