Thursday, July 2, 2015

Savvy Seahorse

Seahorses are peculiar creatures to say the least! They seem so calm, cool, and collected in their movements. I love to watch them swim, even when they are as awkward as you can get as far as swimming is concerned. They seem so out of balance, using their fins on their heads and backs. Even more unusual is the fact that the male seahorse is the one who carries the babies. 

This one came from the photos in Tampa, Florida taken while on a trip there with friends to a national convention we attended annually. This trip was a fun one, none of us had a job to do, so we were pretty much free to move about. I painted our members bags for identification purposes and did not realize the commotion it would cause. Before I was through, with the help of my friend and cohort, I would have painted about 75 bags! The money we collected paid for my trip and bought me some pretty awesome jewelry too! I never could have completed the late nights, near midnight run to get extra paint, without the helping hands of both my mother and Barbara Kynaston. (A true friend indeed!) I am wonderfully blessed to call her a friend. The seahorse painting at this point in the 100 days was her idea. After she read the story about the turtle, she reminded me about the seahorses. She then inquired if I was going to paint one this year. Barbara, this day is dedicated to you, a friend indeed!

"Savvy Seahorse" 20 x 20 Acrylic on canvas, Day 3 of the 100 days~100 paintings 

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