Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Commissions Galore!

Channel marker 15~2 versions 15 x 30 & 20 x 36

Channel Marker 8~2 versions 15 x 30 & 20 x 36

I was delighted to deliver these beauties this past week! I was contacted in January about these pieces and gave the decorators prices to go in the space. I had given up on them ever coming to fruition when I received a call out of the blue this past July while teaching at the museum. After some back and forth, the designers and clients wanted a total of 5 pieces, 4 prints and 1 original. I quoted pricing based on my previous experience of aquiring prints. Much to my surprise, after calculating the cost of prints versus originals, it became clear to me that a painting a day was the way to go! I am so glad I started on this journey of a painting a day which allows me the freedom to create and keep pricing affordable. The channel markers are for the residents wing and near the elevators. I am looking forward to the opening with the other artists in this exciting project! That being said, these all have a new home in the new wing of the USAWomens and Childrens hospital in Mobile, Alabama.
Channel marker 8 15 x 30 & 20 x 36, Channel Marker 15~15 x 30 & 20 x36,  Oil on canvas~all sold! These paintings count as days 36, 37, & 38!


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