Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What happened to Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confetti Shrimp 12 x 16  watercolor  day 17

Bubble weave~watercolor 12 x 16 Day 18

Confetti Crab watercolor 12 x 16 Day 19
Watercolors for the children
8-12 years at Museum

Backlit Tree watercolor 12 x16 Day 20
Variegated Sail watercolor day 21
Wet into Wet watercolor 12 x 16 day 22

Mobile Museum of Art "En Plein Aire" pieces

The walkway across the lake at the Museum. Day 23
Bruce Larsen sculpture in front 12 x 16 Day 24


Magnolias "En Plein Aire" , my favorite for the week at the Museum!

Colorful Frida 12 x 16 Acrylic on paper Day 26

Is it possible for time to stand still? Apparently not at the Raccon Retreat! Summer has flown by with classes, changes, and commissions!

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