Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In flight

          "In flight" is a painting that was also created at the museum during the art camp last week. I absolutely love painting turtles and was so happy with this one. This week, I am at my Art Camp for the church. It is a hard week, because this is also the week that our youngest daughter leaves for a teaching job in India. We have been frantically packing the house up in Mobile for the past six weeks. We have also been making tearful decisions about what to leave, what to toss, what to ship, and what to pack for her to actually take to her new home in Delhi.

           Our home in Mobile will have a new owner soon, with my brother Ben and his wife Amanda calling the "big house" their home. They will rent at first, to make sure the fit is right for his family and will probably purchase at a later date. I am excited for him and my sister-in-law knowing that the place we called home for many years will again be occupied by a family. He has many plans for the house, including moving the front door to the end of the porch.

          Both Christina and Ben are "In flight" for the moment. I myself will continue with this summer on the coast, teaching art camp this week, helping in Mobile with final packing the next, and finally the art camp at the museum the last week of July into August. I say finally, but that is not all that will transpire this summer! August brings the birth of our first grandchild around the middle of the month!
In flight indeed! We are all in flight this summer!

         "In flight" 12 x 12 Acrylic on canvas

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