Monday, July 8, 2013

Baby Green

         Baby Green started out life as a  sepia. Outdoor shows can be hard on a white canvas, so I decided to add color to this little fellow. The painting is in Oil and is full of vibrant color. I may add some bubbles to the surface of the water, but I must get through the next week first. Speaking of what this week has in store for me, I am teaching the 12 and up group at the Mobile Museum of Art. I am fairly certain there will be some pretty cool works of art from this wonderful group of young adults. On top of it all, Christina and I are trying to get her house packed, lesson plans done, furniture shipped and an epic yard sale this coming weekend. Can I breathe now?

         Much like this little turtle finding it's way to the sea, I am sending off my youngest, Christina on a new adventure. She has worked so hard to get where she is today and will be leaving for India and a teaching position at an International School. Our job as parents is to raise our children with the hope that someday they will follow their dreams. I am so proud of Christina. I have always told my children, "You gotta have a dream, cause if you don't have a dream, how you gonna make dream come true?" (The former quote is from FAME I believe). All this, will still not make it easier to say goodbye when she gets on the plane for her new home.

          I have two very strong artists in the family (Jessica is an artist, and master cosmetologist ) and I am so pleased that they both get to make a living doing what they love to do. My middle child, Jere' is so very gifted with just about all that he touches, cars, mechanical, boats. I cannot say enough about his accomplishments. My In law, Sean (Jessica) is wonderful with numbers, accounting,  and managing his job at a major company. My In law, Jessica (Jere') is now a registered nurse hoping to become more in the near future, I am so certain she will be able to do whatever she sets her mind around. Five lives, that are so talented, joyful, and smart.

         We all want to send off Christina with all the love and support we can muster! Swim baby! Swim! Jump into the sea that is your new country, India!

Baby Green, Oil on canvas, 16 x 22 deep edge.Day 6 of the 100 days~100 paintings. Whew!

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