Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Did you say something? I & II

One of my bucket list things to do is to go to a jubilee. Jubilees happen in two places, the East coast of Mobile Bay and I have heard on the coast of Africa (not sure where). They may happen in other places,but we have them commonly around here during the late summer and fall. The fish, crabs, flounder, eels and everything that relies on oxygen in the water come rushing to the shore in a free for everyone catch all you can, then you either clean it or give it away. Fortunately, I have a neighbor that gives it away! We have been on the receiving end of her jubilee catches, buckets of crabs, and coolers full of Flounders. I want to watch one more than catch the bounty, to photograph and to paint the endless gifts from the seashore.
This beautiful crab is from one of those boundless catches. I photograph them before I cook them, so as to have an endless supply of references to paint. This lovely lady is part of a cabinet that Chris and I collaborated on for a Habitat for Humanity fund raiser to be auctioned off this coming Thursday, hopefully at a premium price!
Did you say something? I 10 x 20 Acrylic on canvas day 64 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings

This lovely painting started as a demonstration for a watercolor class. She is large and more colorful than the photo. 
Did you say Something? II, 10 x 24 watercolor on paper, Day 65 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings
available at Fairhope Connections in downtown Fairhope, Alabama

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