Thursday, September 4, 2014

Scallop & Butterfly~Oh my!

Scallop is a 12 x 12 painting that was really fun to paint! I love all the colors that are on shells and they make great subject matter as well. I will be painting a lot of shells I think for the fall season. My husband has nudged me into purchasing 43 wooden boxes for the show offerings to the patrons that frequent our booth. They are all sanded and primed with multiple sea glass colors, patiently awaiting their various decorations over the next few weeks. 
Scallop 12 x 12 Acrylic on canvas, Day 66 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings

Today's offering for the 100 Days is a butterfly fish. If you have been on a reef at least snorkeling, you have missed a real treat. We have one of the largest reefs in the United States at John Pennencamp (sp?) in the Florida Keys. You can take one of the many boat trips down there to see the coral, fish, and maybe spot a turtle, shark or lobster along the way!
Butterfly fish 12 x 12 ,Acrylic on canvas, Day 67 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings 

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