Monday, September 1, 2014

Wow! What a week!

       Is it possible to take a breather? Not when you live the artists life. We are constantly bombarded by the world that surrounds us, bringing us images that take our breath away, and inspire, no compel us to create.

       I have had people ask me how do you find 100 things to paint? I ask how do we not? I have a folder that is crammed with items I want to paint, some one a day, some for classes, some longer pieces that are more complicated. I imagine I will never run out of ideas, or not be asked to stretch my art in ways I never dreamed would happen. I the past few months I have taken on set design and execution, worked abstractly, worked realistically, created furniture from trash, (more on that in a later post), started a business teaching with a girlfriend, and built a turtle nest from clay, foam and sand. I love the act of creating and I am extremely grateful to be able to pay for supplies to help me create even more! I am even more grateful for the blessings bestowed upon me by my creator in the various forms of my talents.

       Fall shows are coming up and I could not be more excited. This painting shows what I put my hope in every day! My faith is strong, and I am hungry to learn more. This is one of three pieces celebrating the God who supports me and allows me to set my sights high. I know that there is more to come, and the horizon is bright. The other two pieces are hope and love, two things I live and thrive with every day.

These paintings are going to be available for Art Party to You. The fun part is, they can be customized to the colors in your home!
Faith,Hope, Love, each 5x7 Acrylic on gessoboard. Days 54,55,&56 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings

Fleur De Lys are some of my favorite things to paint and this simple one was an enjoyable evening spent curled up on the couch while hanging out with my husband, Chris.
Day 57 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings

Rose I is part of the series I am taking to India for our daughters wedding later this year. 
6x6 Acrylic on canvas Day 58 of the 100 Days ~100 Paintings

Rose II 6 x6 acrylic on canvas day 59 of the 100 Days

Rose III 6 x 6 Acrylic on canvas day 60 of the 100 Days

Rose IV 6x6 Acrylic on canvas day 61 of the 100 Days

Rose V 6x6 Acrylic on canvas day 62 of the 100 Days

Rose VI 6x6 Acrylic on canvas day 63 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings

If you have managed to get this far, you are probably a regular reader of the blog and I apologize for not having posting daily. The past week has been filled with set design, set painting, tree building, furniture design, sanding and priming 43 cigar boxes for painting. I have also cleaned in the studio, condensed paint in preparation for classes as well as creating pieces for sale! The internet problems seem to have finally been repaired on a permanent basis. I just simply have been slammed with various things making me so tired at the end of the day that I have not been able to open  the computer and compose my thoughts on the keyboard. I will be doing a better job at this now that I am not completed frustrated by an internet connection that was spotty at best. 

Back at creating, composing, and craziness at the Raccoon Retreat Studio in Fairhope, Alabama!

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