Saturday, July 5, 2014


     Sadly enough, I had to get an attitude myself today. I normally am very patient and willing to wait for an appointment from our cable provider (even though it still is not for several days!). But today was the absolute last string cut from my puppet. I had worked to get my blog post ready and when I went to post it to the internet, the connection was lost yet again. When the connection was established, my entire post was gone from the screen.

      I called my cable provider, went through the automated system, and once again 'she' determined there was a problem with the line. 'She' placed me in touch with a young man that sounded foreign. Once again, I had to explain my problem to yet another person, and this time the frustration was mounting. I told him I know that this is not your fault, but this is utterly ridiculous and I was fed up with spotty problems. "I see mam you have an appointment." he said probably from the script. I said yes I have an appointment, but the young man I talked with previously had said he was going to try and get it moved closer. I need to be able to research and blog I mentioned to no avail. "Mam you have an appointment" He said yet again. He had me restart the computer and unplug the cable box,(the automated system had already done this earlier), he then said I am checking the box, can you tell me what you see? One light, two, three blinking, then 4, wait that's connected! Can you go to an address on the internet for me. I did and he said it seems to be working now. I said, for the moment, it may last an hour or a minute, then it was gone again.

       He then suggested  "Mam you could upgrade and get a new box and faster service."
(Wrong thing to say young man.) Trying to maintain civility,  I told him WHY would I want to upgrade, when what I have is not working now! Even now, as I write this, the connection is gone, the lights are blinking, and I have a knot in my stomach from the distress this is causing me. God is testing my patience, I can feel it!

        I am over technology, I bought a recharge device that overheated my phone, my phone died right after I finished paying for it in full, it was replaced, but then the screen went black when I dropped it in the road while walking the dogs. I now have a new computer (phone) that I am trying to learn about, (but I cannot get on the internet to pull up the tutorials.) The computer I am working on is about 6 years old, has the Vista program on it, and it is running slow. I could run the grime fighter I purchased from Avast! but I need to be connected to the internet. (Do you see dear readers, where this is going?) The cable box has multiple lights blinking for the moment, but by the time I go to post, there may be no "Connection"

     "Attitude" watercolor on paper, matted to 11 x 14, Day 6 of the 100 Days~ 100 Paintings

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