Friday, July 4, 2014

Feeling Crabby!

       Feeling crabby isn't the half of it!
            I am here at the computer keyboard, typing as fast as I can, wondering when the next interruption of my internet service will come. These posts were supposed to begin on June 30th, but to no avail!
            I am by nature an impatient person when it comes to technology because it takes time away from my easel and studio. So consequently when I want it to work, I want it to work! Well the past few weeks have been spotty at best. Just when I think I can finally post, or get on to check emails, the connection goes out and throws me into fits of frustration. When I say fits, it simply means I do not even try any more to get onto the computer. I would rather be in the studio creating than fighting with machinery!                                                                              
       To begin the story, let me back up a few weeks........ We had just arrived home from two weeks visiting our daughter in New Delhi, India and came home to internet problems. My husband works full time and other than my music on the computer, I do not get on very much. (Right now, I have notifications from everyone's favorite social media!) I check emails, post on social media, then maybe research some for the classes I teach, then I am off, done... I would rather be painting, creating, making art that needs to be made for commissions, the galleries that help support my artist lifestyle,        and for my shows in the fall.

           Needless to say, I was not paying much attention to the connection problem that was lurking in my studio. Approximately  a week after coming home, I noticed the issue. I kept seeing a repairman outside on the line (several times!), so I assumed someone had called it in and the problem was becoming a distant memory. Not so for me! I finally called it in and got the automated system, "she" checked my box, and at that particular moment, it was working! "She" said there was no issue with my box and hung up. Then the internet quit, for about the 5th time that morning! So, I thought, well now they know there may be a problem, so they will check it right? I was so wrong................... and after no response from the media company, I called and got   in touch with our local provider, by their 800 number and talked with a gentleman that said there is a   problem on the line after getting me to troubleshoot   the box here. Success! He said they would call me to arrange an appointment. A week goes by, and a major electrical hit nearby during one of our afternoon thunderstorms. I am still thinking that I am on the list to get looked at. End of week, I got nothing! Called again and got a technician that told me there was no record of the previous call and I am at the bottom of the list . I explained that was not satisfactory and I needed to be moved up if possible with another person that cancels. He said he would try and would get back with me in the next couple of days. Two days later I receive an automated call to please contact them. I excitedly call, thinking they have an appointment for me! The young lady responds, no this is just to confirm your appointment on July 10th. WAIT, what! (This is July 1st!) I explain this is an ongoing problem and I need someone sooner rather than later, she then tells me she cannot move up the appointment, only the technician can take care of it as he initially handled the call. I am near the end of my rope by now and tell her make the appointment. I then talk with my neighbor, and she was told the same thing, but she told them, by then she will have a new service, (they fixed hers the next day!) Maybe I'll change tactics and get her to talk with them next time.
      Today seems to be better, with the line working for at least the past two hours. But you wait, I'll go to post, and it will probably be down again. When that happens there may be a small explosion coming from the Raccoon Retreat Studio here in sunny Fairhope, Alabama. These four  "Crabby"  creations are days I,II, III, and IV of the 100 Days-100 Paintings for 2014, all created in Acrylic, all of them 12 x 12

"Beautiful Blue" Watercolor matted to 11 x 14
This little guy is the painting for Day 5 of the 100 Days-100 Paintings 2014. This is my 5th year doing  
100 Paintings in 100 Days. I began July 1st 2009. (This was also the year we bought, and began a major construction project in Fairhope , Al .
I began doing the multiple paintings during the summer in an effort to get ready for shows in the fall and to provide for my galleries that so wonderfully support my artistic adventures. The galleries and collectors I have gained over the past few years have been amazing to say the least. Come with me on the adventure, that this year will see 500 paintings completed during the blog.

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