Friday, July 11, 2014

Barnyard friends

        Barnyard friends came about as a result of a show I did last fall. While at another show, a gentleman approached me and asked if I would be willing to show my art a small local Barbecue competition. Game for anything once, I showed my work in addition to new barnyard art and sayings pieces painted specifically for the show. I sold a few, but their place is now firmly in the galleries that represent my work.

       This guy is so absolutely adorable and really reminds me of the pig, (Wilbur?), the from Charlotte's web.
10 x 10, Acrylic on canvas, Day 10 of the 100 Days-100 Paintings.

       This one took me back to my animal husbandry class in my Junior high years. It was a tremendous program, taught by a teacher that was wonderful for and with his students. We had to have an animal to raise and take it from birth to basically meat. Our choices were, a calf, a sheep, or a pig. I knew my parents could not afford any of those at that time so I asked if I could raise rabbits. Permission given, we built a hutch and I raised my critters from start to finish. My product ended the class with a price of about 50 cents a pound if I recall correctly. It was a learning curve I will never forget!

       Barnyard cow, 10 x 10 Acrylic on canvas, Day 11 of the 100 days-100 Paintings

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