Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fairhope Sunset

       Fairhope Sunset came about as yet another demonstration for a student. One of my watercolor students from the beginner class is very keen on learning all he can! He has come to several classes here at the Raccoon Retreat studio and we both have a very enjoyable time. He is very inquisitive and constantly asking questions, and I love it. He always leaves telling me he learned so much that day.

       Today's lesson was brought about by his query on how would you approach this piece? He had already attempted it on his own, and had muddied up the colors in his sky quite a bit. We had a discussion on color and the use of either transparent or opaque colors in a painting. We also talked about complementary colors and how they gray down or neutralize their complements. I suggested using the warms only at the very end to add pops of color. This piece does not have any warm color added at all. I painted it in three colors, Hansa Yellow PY3, Ultramarine Blue PB 29, and Permanent Rose PV19(also called Quinacradone Violet).
These are all three transparent (at least to me) cool (to me as well) and mix well with each other. Toward the end, I wanted a little more richness to the sky blue and added a touch, (a touch mind you folks!) of Pthalo Blue PB15.

     So four colors, lots of layering later, (and a lesson in patience! I'm getting a lot of those lessons lately!) Waiting for mine and his to dry while working on another at the same time. I always advise my students to have more than one piece if they are impatient. Wait for one to dry while working on another (this is so you don't end up with mud, folks!)

       Patience, I'm learning a lot of that lately............... The internet shut down for me no less than 14 times today while working in the studio! (I know this only because I have Pandora on and I put a tick mark every time it happened!) Repair day, July 10th cannot come soon enough!

      Ah lessons in patience... pray for me tomorrow in the morning, I am having a paddleboard lesson from the same student to see if I like it before we invest in the time making one! I'm excited to learn a new skill, I just hope I don't embarrass  myself falling off a dozen times!

"Fairhope Sunset" 9 x 12 matted to 11 x 14 Day 9 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings

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