Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tarpon and another box?


One of my bucket list goals is to go big game fishing one day. I remember my father spear fishing while diving in the Philippines. Once, he got a Lapu Lapu that was so big, we never could have eaten it all! I stood by and watched as everyone from the neighborhood got large "steaks" cut from the body and tail section. We got steaks too, and my mother happily ran them into the house to cook. Even afterward, we put lots into the freezer and gave away the rest to our houseboy and girl for their families.

This is obviously not that kind of fish! Just the beginning of a big game series over the next few days.
Tarpon was fun to paint, with lots of scales (did I say fun?). I have a headache from the tension caused by such intense painting. Looking forward to the series though, these are fish I have had requested many times before, but never got around to painting them! Wahoo, cobia, Mahi Mahi, Greater Amberjack and more are on the easel in the next few days!

Octopus box

While I was at the easel, I painted an octopus for fun. Yet another cigar box too!
The cigar boxes are fun to paint on, but I dread the initial cleaning, sanding and base coating of them!

"Tarpon!" 12 x 36 , Octopus 8x8 box, Both Acrylic , paintings 19 & 20 for the 100 days.

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