Thursday, August 20, 2015

Postings with Apologies

"Pier Pelican"

What a summer it has been! 
I have had more wonderful things thrown at me in the past few weeks than I can hardly stand!
I have had commissions, classes, and chaos! Mediacom has been iffy at best, with internet floating in and out at will!  Apologies to you all, my readers and followers for my not being diligent in my duties as a blogger and painter. I have been painting constantly, but not posting a painting a day. 

Thus begins the second half of the 100 Days~100 Paintings. It is now about 50 days until the National Shrimp Festival, and this year we are moving to the street outside of Fine Arts and into the world of Arts & Crafts. My friends have pestered me for years to move out there and so I have! Hopefully, we will be near our friend, George Kearney, as this will make Christopher's booth sitting a more enjoyable experience. Those of you who do outdoor shows will understand you can request placement, but there are no guarantees! I have also received congratulations letters from our usual shows for the fall, so we will be busy from the end of September til December.

Enough said, on to the real meal, the paintings! 
For the next 50 days I am painting and posting 2 a day so I can catch up and have enough inventory for all the fall shows.
The Pelican above is our local bird that hangs out at the public pier. He is always caging for a meal, looking for hand outs from the fishermen and cast netters. Recently, there has been a small battle between him and a Blue Heron that has decided to move in on the Pelicans easy pickings.
"Pier Pelican" 8 x 10 , Acrylic on Gessoboard Day 51 painting 1 of the 100 Days

"Chris is a turtle!"

This guy is one of the turtles rescued by the turtle hospital in Marathon Florida. He has lots of tumors on him that are not depicted here. We walk every Saturday during turtle nesting season to look for nests. On the way back, we pick up the myriad of parts and pieces of plastic that are so deadly to these beautiful creatures. I love painting turtles and probably will always have a few in my shows. 
"Chris is a turtle!" 12 x 12 , Acrylic on canvas, Day 51, painting 2 of the 100 Days.

"Sea Shells, She Shells"

I have seen this so many times on the beaches on and near here. Buckets in tow, they pick up every shell they can find, until moms gently remind them to leave some for others to discover. Our children would do this as well, and this little girl reminds me of both myself and our own children.
"Sea Shells, She Shells" 24 x 24 , Acrylic on canvas, Day 52 painting 3 of the 100 days

"Battered, Beached, and Broken"

We've all been there a time or two haven't we? Battered, thrown up on the Beach, Broken beyond repair. I have learned much in this journey of painting. Each of my brushstrokes is frequently a prayer for others while I am creating. I contemplate on their plights, give thanks for all God has done for me, then gratitude for a piece when it is completed and allowing me to use my talents for others. 
I photographed this jumbled, beautiful, mess one Saturday while walking for turtles on Orange Beach. After some research, I discovered that this species is a Speckled Crab. Normally a deep & cool water crab, the storm that brought this beautiful creature from the depths must have been violent indeed! This piece took more than a day, more like 5 days, but I am displaying it here for those who may need it for solace. It is an easy painting to get lost in, looking for all the different pieces and parts that make up the sandy beaches we all love so much!

"Battered, Beached, and Broken" 24 x 24, Acrylic on canvas, Day 52 Painting 4 of the 100 Days

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