Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crosses and Creativity

Medallion Cross 2

I loved painting the many textures and shapes of this one!
Medallion Cross

Using the combination of Fleur De Lys and almost Byzantine figures, this cross is beautiful!
Knotted Cross

Combining Celtic forms again. They remind me of the knots Sailors use on the ships. I guess that is why I am so Fascinated with painting them. My father could do a mean Monkeys fist!
Good Luck Cross

Luck of the Irish combining both Celtic knots and the shamrock.
Fleur De Lys Cross

Fleur De Lys are a common theme in many peoples homes right now and I love to paint them!
Celtic Cross

For those that join me in the Raccoon Retreat studio know that the music can vary widely. I have a Pandora Station that plays Movie theme music and quite frequently, Celtic comes up. I also love painting these crosses in all their shapes and beauty.
Multiple Crosses Days 60-65 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings all measuring 8 x 16

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