Thursday, September 26, 2013

Here's looking at you kid!

         I always wondered what that turtle was thinking as it built it's nest on top of me while staying on the beach in the Philippines.
         Let me back up, and tell the story..................................
         My parents would night dive while we were in the Philippines. As least my father would, my mother was too scared of the sharks! She said she wanted to see them coming so she did not dive after dark. This night my dad was out looking while with his buddies for lobsters at night. Mom told me to go to bed. Bed on the beach was a parachute tucked into the cliff, pulled out and sand thrown on the opposite edge. It really was fun to sleep under the billowing orange fabric. That night, as with every night, the villagers had a burning barrel with a huge fire blazing out from it The Tent was located a little ways down the beach, but the fire was still quite visable so I turned my back to the water and fire while trying to go to sleep. I felt sand thrown on me, but just complained about the person coming in the tent being rude. I felt sand again and still not turning over, said would you please stop! When it happened yet again, I turned to tell the person to cut it out and realized there was a full grown mama turtle in the tent with me throwing sand while she was building her nest. She was in a trance, but I was not, running as fast as my 7 year old legs could carry me to my mother, all the time yelling about the turtle in the tent. She did not believe me and followed me to tuck me in for the night. Boy was she surprised!

Here's looking at you kid! 4 x 12 acrylic on canvas

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