Thursday, September 26, 2013


        Peaceful is a 20 x 20 canvas painting of a turtle. This year was my first as a share the beach volunteer. I walked the beach early in the morning right as the sun was rising to scout for turtle nests. or evidence of them. I never found one this year but there's always next year! The one thing I did get to do this year was witness a turtle "boil". It is an amazing thing to watch, once these little guys decide to hatch there lots of noises in the nest, waterfalls is what they are called. Then they appear at the top scrambling for the sea. That is if there are no lights on the beach! They follow the lights from the condos or the moonlight streaming into the trenches built just for them. The first time I witnessed a boil, there was a full moon and they kept trying to go back up the beach. I was on my belly turning them around over and over until finally we put a towel over the trench and they went to the water. Those that were too exhausted to walk any more got a ride in the "turtle taxi" a bucket that transports them to the edge of the ocean. Their lives are hard with an average of only one turtle making it to adulthood from each nest. Most nests average about 100 eggs!
This painting marks day 85 of the 100 days~100 Paintings

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