Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rainforest Room~Days

The Main Wall with Signage "The Rainforest"

 Located at Celebration church in Fairhope, Alabama, this mural was a labor of Love. It took two weeks total, but only about 40 hours. Without the help of some really great people from the church, I would have been much longer! I am grateful to share my talents with  

Just Hangin'

                this  place we call our church home and I am
                grateful for the talents God has seen fit to
                bestow upon me. The top piece is the main
                wall as you walk into the room. The flora are 
                under the window. The different monkeys
                and birds were a delight to paint.
                There is much more in the room to look
                at and explore, but you have to
                come to Fairhope to see it!

Macaws Together

This post marks days 54~59 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings
Rainforest Room

The view by the window

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