Thursday, August 3, 2017

Turtle IV

This is the next in the series of baby turtles.
Our night at the beach was quiet, no activity at the nest. There was however activity in the middle of the night. During the dark hours, the momma turtle came onto the beach, went around a clump of pampas grass and crawled back into the water. We receive "all call" at 630 am this morning to go to the crawl sight to dig for eggs. So many team members, so many holes, no nest. A false crawl caused by her confusion with the clump of grass. Early breakfast, then a nap during rainstorms hitting the roof of the tiny house at the campground. 
An afternoon painting, a little shopping, then a meal together, bike riding, then campsite scouting together . Such is retirement together, timeless, appointment less, so much fun!
Turtle IV, Acrylic on canvas 4x4
Day 33? I'm losing track of time!

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