Friday, August 4, 2017

Turtle V

Our adventures with the babies continue today. This one includes a story about a precious little boy that came in my booth at the shrimp festival. His parents were conversing with me about something and I observed him walking quietly from painting to painting looking at prices. He ended up looking at my miniature baby turtles and carefully looked at the price and I saw his shoulders drop. He was disappointed beyond belief and quietly stood by his mother. I asked him what he liked and he said the baby turtles. I asked did you want one? He said I don't have enough. I asked how much do you have? He said five dollars, so quietly I almost could not hear him. I asked how did you get this money, did you earn it or was it given to you? At that point, all dejection left him as he said, I earned it doing chores. I said that's great. I asked would you be willing to give your money you earned for one of my baby turtle paintings? I said painting is how I earn my money. He joyfully picked out a painting and we snapped a new collector photo. We were both SO happy.

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