Sunday, July 15, 2012

                            Rangoli Blue is the last of the Rangoli series. The show was fun to create but I miss the sea. The next few days you will see are still a part of the show at Blue Velvet Studio, but do involve the sea.  They are paintings of Goa, a beach resort on the ocean popular with vacationers and honeymoon couples as well.

                          I enjoyed the painting of this one as it involved a lot of Dot technique. The dots are easy if you are patient, carefully dipping the end of your brush into the paint each time to make the dots even and somewhat raised from the canvas. The  Rangolis were accepted well at the show, with the peacock Gemini the favorite. Several people also loved the Brilliant Peacock as well.
                          This show makes me look forward to going to India and following the footsteps of my daughter as she has been there three times before. I will enjoy seeing the country through her eyes and her boyfriend, Bappa.
                         Rangoli Blue, 8x8 Acrylic on canvas

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