Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rangoli Star & Rangoli Butterflies

                      The post for today is a catch up day because my life just can't get more complicated. I am finding the time to paint, but not finding time to post. For those of you that read the blog, I offer sincere regrets. On to today's and Friday's posts!

                      Rangoli Star is another in the series of paintings that is for the show at Blue Velvet Gallery in Mobile, Alabama. It is the one at the top with the lavender background. The show at BVS went well on Friday night with bolly wood music playing and lots of friends old and new coming out to see what was happening. Artwalk was wet, but that did not slow down the crowds that came. I am always amazed at what people like to see as art and we showed them  a new form with pigment throwing at models wearing white outfits. The people attending had great fun getting the models covered in pigments, althought the dry paint did not stick well on the models dry clothing. Oh well, live and learn, maybe it will go over better the next time (if there is one!)

                      Rangoli Butterflies is one of my favorites with lavender and reds contrasting nicely with the golden yellow background. The rangoli have been fun to paint, but I miss my sea life and I can't wait to visit the sea again! Soon dear readers soon, my thoughts will come home from India and the wonderful colors offered by the paintings based on Rangolis.

                     Rangoli Star & Rangoli Butterflies both 8x8 acrylic on canvas.

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